Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Trumpeter 1/35 T-62 During the Chechen conflicts

Hello to all my dear readers. 

I'm sorry that I have been so so quiet and haven't been able to post much but here is another one for 2017. 

This is the second T-62 kit from the fantastic line of T-62 offer by Trumpeter. This is actually a commission build for a dear little brother. 

Here in this link, you can see the first T-62 I did - 

The kit is fantastic for its price. 
This is the trumpeter kit released late in 2012. This is definitely one of Trumpeter's best, superbly molded that comes with features you would only get from aftermarkets. I did not see any flash nor sunken areas. A seperate compartment provides the hull along with the wire tow cable, the newly cast turret and an aluminum barrel. 

Another nice touch is that the rubber rims for the road wheels are  separate items and already molded in black. I never liked painting road wheels so it saved a lot of time for me. 

The fit of the parts is very nice and assembly is straightforward. There's only a small amount of gaps to fill. I love that there are plenty of detail around the whole vehicle. 

My friend wanted this T-62 to be one in the Chechen conflicts so after researches, decided to put on the tracks around the turrets just like we have seen in the photos.I honestly had no idea what exact shade the cold war era Soviet tanks are so I just winged it with what green I had in my stash. But I did use the paint as per this photo to get a highlight/contrast effects - 

For Weathering, I decided to go for used but not abused look. I don't really put debris and collected soils on my previous kit so I decided to put them on top of the vehicle and other nooks and crannies. 

I really enjoyed building this. 

(Just click on the smaller ones and they will pop out )

The running gears -

The tracks on the sides -  

Some random close ups -

And as usual, my show case photos from various angles -

And as usual from me -

Thank you guys for always supporting me. Thank you dear readers for your patronage as well.

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