Tuesday, 3 April 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 8

Yosha ... The Bird is back.... I am sorry guys ... Life just wasn't kind on me .. LOL .. but that won't stop me from modeling... not only just life, I was focusing on the Gold frame and the Xbone that I didn't work on this ... I kinda need a break from ''Amaimon'' as well,, as you all know, modding takes its toll on the mind and body, but now, I'm back ...

Right... lets get cracking shell we??
First, I draw some panel lines on the back skirts -

It looked so plain and I didn't put on that big a piece of platings so I decided to go through with panel lines

did the same thing for the front skirts but since the front skits have bigger pieces of plates, I just went through with small panel lines -

I'm pretty happy with that much amount of details on it.. I don't want to go ever board ...
Also, I fixed the feet. I didn't like how it initially looked
As you can see from the photo -

I further extended the toes and made the toes wider and with some step-ish effect just for appearance sake ... I like it though.. kinda unique ...

I big the toe bigger and thus, I can't leave the heel alone... So I increased the side-to-side width only by a fraction and put in some very small amount of detail platings at the back of the heel-

Also, I was working on the feet and this hit me, the ankle is so poorly engineered that there is a huge gap once the ankle flaps are up. I was like UGH ..
So I decided to build this -

and this is the out come and WHY I made such a thing -

Now, even with the feet folding back, and the ankle flap open, it would be so ugly, and also, it will make the ankle more blended in, like a MG or a better engineered kit

Next, I put in some details in the holes I made on the lower leg...
You see, it was just an ugly hole when the the knee is bent and I was like '' UGH'' and I figured that has got to do.. so I decided to put in some vent-ish looking, mechanical looking part and here it is -

Now, as you can see from the lower photo, there is no more gaping hole when the knee is bent....

Next up, I was looking up the arm and I figured the front of the Bicep could use some details so I did this -

That's that for the arm, Im happy.. I still need to finish the shoulders though ...

I forgot ... I also made this -
Both Harry and Thelmos pointed out this and I had to fix this -

after that, I started forming the knee armour by closing the parts -

What's next is the start of the what Thelmosengine have been nagging me to update..... the Backpack ..

BEAR in MIND all of these are still in their infancy .. I still have so much to work on them ..

if you could recall, I cut up the back pack like so -

and I cut the boosters part further and I got this -

The big plates are glued on because there is a big gaping hole on those sides after cutting it away from the main backpack.
The black parts are scavenged from the 1/144 HG Bushido .. You all know how I feel about HGs .. anyway, those are the thigh parts from it
The Rod is meant to be some details like a pipe or something ... I will further detail it later on ....

Next, I made this... An adapter for the two boosters to attach to -

and yes, IT looks messy because I haven't finished it yet ..any way, that adapter allows the boosters to be like this -

Im still figuring out where exactly and How exactly ( as in, distance with the both, the angle and what not) to attach that adapter But this is test fit for all of you to see -

I think I might just go ahead and just glue it on to where I test fitted... Im not sure ... thinking thinking .. .

And here is another mock up of how the big dragoon will be placed -

I am trying to work out the final mechanic of how the small dragoons will attach to but I can at least say this, it will have an appearance similar to the Hi-nu BUT ( and a big but) it will be able to rotate all around so that the dragoons can be used to shoot at the enemy in a massive bombardment of beams, just like how the original backpack was intended.

Well, that's about it for today. Hope I do not disappoint you guys. If I did, I do apologize. I will make sure the next one won't be soo disappointing.
Please stay tuned for more and Thank you so much for reading, as always.