Friday, 23 June 2017

Tiger Model 1/35 AMX-30B2 Brennus

Finally, This kit is finished. I took my time around with it. This is a valentine day gift that I received in 2016 but actually only managed to post it now. 

The it is from Tiger Model (TML) and it is such a fantastic kit. The price is also good. She came with two metal barrels which was just superb.

The only one downsides are the tracks as they don’t really want to click together and there are gaps between the links. It is still manageable but it took some time to finish the tracks.

The colours used are Tamiya Nato Green XF-67, Nato Brown XF-68 and Nato Black XF-69. These are my GO TO colours for every and ALL nato three town vehicles. I love those colours.

For weathering, I decided to put in dried mud splatters into the higher parts of the vehicles and in the lower parts, a mix of dried caked muds and wet muds from driving around in a excercise/training. 

For Pin-wash, I used Burnt Umber oil paint. For the muds, I used Vallejo pigments and some cheap Chinese ones I tested out. I honestly don’t know their name, Castle something and I love them.
Well, this is all I could say regarding about this. I will put up a blog post later. 
All in all, this was a enjoyable build.

(Just click on the smaller ones and they will pop out )

The running gears -

Some random close ups -

And as usual, my show case photos from various angles -

And as usual from me -

Thank you guys for always supporting me. Thank you dear readers for your patronage as well.

Until Next time.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

German Panzer Army Zaku 2: Hitler's Secret Weapon

Hello my dear readers.

I would like to apologise for my lack of updates and maintenance. Since I have got back to Burma, I have lost the will the blog but I am starting to pick myself up. I have finished this kit quite some times ago and I would like to re-kindled my blog with this post.

The idea behind this one is to show a suit sporting a german three tone camo scheme. As the title said, it is a What-if pure fantasy piece. :P. And from the way I weathered it, one can see it during the heavy fighting periods of WW2.

For the colours, I use Tamiya Olive Green ( the usual go to colour for german three-tone) for most areas and Tamiya Nato Green for some area to break apart the green. The two other colours are Tamiya Red Brown and Tamiya Dark Yellow (again, the go-to colours for german three-tone). I honestly cannot remember what I used for the other stuffs. Forgive me about that.

For the weathering, I kept it heavy but not beat up to show it has seen actions for some times but still lucky enough to survive in the war. I used a lighter tone of green for the small dents, Tamiya Hull Red to show deeper chips that showed the primer layer and Vallejo model Air Steel (or was it silver?) to show the chippings that went down all the way to metallic layer.

I decided to keep the soil effects on the feet to the bare minimum. They were simply done with pigments; just applied them dry wet and dry alternatively.

Here's the all around view -

and here's some of the close up ( you will notice a lot of massive boo-boos I made) -





 Per the norm from me, here's a number of poses -


I am not exactly over the moon about this piece but this was a kit I have finished with whatever limited supplies I had in my arsenal here in Myanmar so this baby will always have a special place in my heart.

My sincerest thanks to these people for the continued support on my gunpla works and pushing me to finish this.