Friday, 30 March 2012

MG CrossBone Full Cloth Ver H.Bird

Hello dear readers, Fans, seniors and peers of the modelling world.

Welcome to another finished product from the hummingbird.

Just yesterday, I just posted my finished AGF and now, I'm posting another one. I'm on a roll. haha, but seriously, life has been crap lately that it feels awesome to be churning out completed kits.

Actually the AGF ( Astray Gold Frame) was finished latest. The Xbone was already finished like 2 weeks ago. I was just lazy to have a proper shoot. More like I wasn't in a good mood, TBH. Anyway, Since I was taking photos for the AGF, I figured I would have a photoshoot using my models as ''models'' (LOL).

Again, This kit is for the MAC Forum 2012 contest. Again, this is a kit to practice and to improve my painting and finishing skills. And once again, yours truly made so much boo-boos on this one ... ( What the hell is wrong with me???!!.. ).

Of cos, the chief motivator for this is Harry and of cos, Sneeper. Without their constant motivation and help, my painting and finishing won't be improving.

Nothing special to say about this kit except that it is OOB but with a custom colour scheme. The colour scheme is inspired by the greatest mecha (beside gundams, that is) of all time, the all powerful Gurren Lagann. I was browing around the net and I found a photo of a newly released toy of the G.Lagann and it hit me, '' I will paint the Xbone like the G.Lagann''. And here it is.

It is not perfect, yes, as you all know my painting and finishing skills sucks but I am glad this came out like it. I was aiming for a clean look but I changed my mind and I make the kit slightly weathered, to give it a slightly used feel.

I was having so much fun with the shooting that I took quite a lot of photos so be prepared to be bombarded by a massive amount of photos.

Here goes nothing - ( Please click on the photos for bigger view)








 I do apologize for dropping so much photos but I can't help it ... this is the most fun I have ever had taking photos and posing my gundams. I just want to share one form of creativity to the world, to my peers.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Again, thank you Harry and Sneeper (Steve) for the motivation.

And of cos, thank you to all those who read and who have always supported me. Now I can focus solely on the Legend again... Im thrilled to go back to it after taking a break.

Well then, I bid you good day/night and please stay Tuned for more.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gold Frame Amatsu

Hello Guys ..

Its been a while since I have launched a new Gundam.... I was just taking my time, u know.. chilling ....

Anyway, This baby was built as an entry for the 2012 Mecha Contest and Since the organizer has allowed the freedom of posting the submission pieces on launch pads so here it is.

I present to you, my practice piece in Painting, the Gold Frame Amatsu.

Recently, my good friends Sneeper, Harry and Kamm has been nagging to improve on my painting skills... Not to mention Kriz has been giving me hell for not practising on my paintings. And the thing is, They were right. I really needed to improved my painting skills.. so here it is ...

I know I won't win anything in the contest... ( with my skills in painting, as if ) but I had fun to paint this ... the moddings were burning me out as well ...

Right, nothing special about this one.. just OOB .. ( I know.. I know .. it is rare for me to paint OOB).. This is more like a response to a challenge Aulon made... so it became a OOB...

The colours used are all tamiya... Tamiya Black over Nato black... for the gold parts, Clear Yellow over Gold leaf ... the blueish parts are my own mix of blue over purple... and I used revell enamels for the details in the back of the wings

I know I don't have much to show for an OOB painted build but I still take pride in my posing of my kit so I will be dropping a fair amount of pictures .. Hope you don't mind ....

Without Further Ado, I present to you -

I hope my poses with this one live up to my usual way of posing ... This NG kit is quite not flexible as I thought it would be ... 
Anyway ... 
Hope you guys like it .... I myself don't like it that much ... for some reason, I find it lacking in something.. I don't know what .. oh well, at least it was a very good practice kit 

Thank you so much for looking and Stay Tuned for more ... 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

'' Date a Guy Who Builds Model Kits ''' - ReSharing A Fellow Blogger's words

Hello All and All Hello. 

As I was browsing around on FB, I Came across this particular blog post from a fellow modeler/blogger. And I really feel like resharing his words as those words are just too (in lack of a better words.... ) AWESOME. 

I do not take credit for those great words, All the credit go to the original author which you can access to his blog here - 


This is in response to 'Date a Girl Who Travels' (in which I totally agree with the notion but anyway):

Date a guy who builds model kits. Date a guy that would rather spend his money on some plastic rather than one that spends his money on vices. This guy would rather spend on an object of art rather than what he can consume in an instant.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He would rather spend time at home to get on his masterpiece rather than what society places as 'macho'. Or go this friends to go build some more rather than just drink the day away. He is not afraid to pick up that sable or airbrush and be called a lot of names for the sake of his hobby. He is not afraid to scour every hobby, hardware and craft store with you if it means that he would find that material he is looking for his kit. He is not afraid to discuss how color theory works or how you would think his latest kit would look like in your eyes.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He is the kind that is not good at his hobby but in other practical things as well. He could tell you what adhesive would be best for what material. He could easily lend you a hand at fixing your leaking faucet, all because he has an innate understanding of its mechanics. He's reliable in do-it-yourself stuff and will impress you on what he can do.

Date a guy who builds model kits. He's the one that you can talk to about aesthetics. When he says you are beautiful, he means it and that is because of your good taste in color combinations. When he says that what you are wearing is fine, believe him as he finds it well chosen and coordinated.

Date a guy who builds model kits. Do not antagonize his hobby. Encourage him and talk to him about him as this would actually be better. Be with him as he builds and paints and before you know it you'll be doing the same too. He'll be with you and his works of art, for he'll never go anywhere else.

Find a guy who builds model kits. When you do, love him and marry him and for sure, you will never be the same.

Again, I take no credit to those words. All credits go to the original author. Here is the link to his blog -

I really feel like sharing those words as those words are somewhat true. Thank you Ryan Toledo for writing those words.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 7

Hello ladies (if there are any) and gents .... Here is an update to the legend

first of all, I would like to apologize for my lack of updates on this baby as I have hit a wall with that back pack, not mention busy finishing this - [url][/url] ... now, I can restart on the legend .....

Lets start with the detail-platings I made here and there -
I put on some weird shaped platings around the forearms

I kinda like it ... I purposely made them asymmetrical on the outsides and insides of the forearms... you could say to make it more uniquely my own version, you know ...

And I plated the upper arm like so -

This is the out side of both arms ... the front,back, and the inner sides of both upper arm are still untouched though but I will come back to it

And I made this little thing which I learned from GondorDestiny of Plamo... Again, I thank you Gondor as you have been very very influential in this WIP ...

The picture would say everything, there was a big big gap when the arm is bent and I had to cover it ..... and I also extended the arms by 1.5mm. The extension of the arms really make the whole proportions pop ...

and Also, I thicken the lower torso, ( the waist area) with 1.0mm all around and a little bit at a angle so that the whole torso won't look so out of proportions ....

And this is how it looks with extended arms and thicken waist -

I LOVE it ... personally, the thickening of the waist and the extension of the arms were good move ...

Moving on, I also made a small amount of detail works on the shoulders -

I plan to put more on there but for the life of me,I can't think of anything else apart from Panel lines.... oh well, it will come to me, eventually

And I also put on some platings on the back skirts .. Trouble is - I don't know if that is enough platings or should I plate more?? hmm.. decisions, decisions ...

And I told you that I had hit a wall with the back pack, yes ?? well, not any more and here is what I did with the back pack -
Don't forget these are still initial steps -
I cut off three portions of the Back pack

and I also cut off those parts from the round thingy .. I really hate that Round part -

You are gonna see a completely different backpack on the legend ... nothing too great, but nothing too simple... just right .. mua haha .. LOL. just joking ...

Well, that's about it ... Oh, one more thing ....... Its name is ''' Amaimon ''' .... I was watching Aoi No Exorcist and it hit me ... ''' Amaimon ''' .... I love the name ... :P

I'm sorry as this is not a big update but with some rather dull platings and do forgive me if I snuffed out your expectations with these dull stuffs-
Until next post ..... Stay Tuned for more