Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WIP - 1/35 Dicker Max Part 1

Hello awesome and beautiful people. Recently, I bought a Dicker Max and now that I have it, I can't help but dig right into the box ....

I also bought a mini-art crew figures for it -
and to further enhance the details, I bought a Eduard set .. Voyager would cost me the same price as the kit so I choose Eduard -
And here is a shot of the sprues -
My cat wants to say hello to you as well.. LOL ...

The instruction states that I start from the Wheels but the kit include rubber rims and I didn't want to kil myself with more complicated stuffs later on so instead, I choose to start with the return rollers and put on the shock absorbers -
Followed by that attachment point of some sort on the front of the chassis
I skipped a few steps and went ahead with the rear of the chassis and I used Eduard PE for those little flaps u see there and also put on the doors for the hatches
I then put on the floor plates ( what do u call those thing.. the little bumps on the floor ) from the PE set onto the fighting compartment
Followed up gluing up some PE parts from the kit ( although I have no idea what Im looking at )
and followed by 4 pain staking hours of cursing and painful eyes, I managed to take away the plastic from the Hand Grenade and put them on the PE rack
The hand Grenade looks like utter rubbish but that was the limit of my ability sad

anyway, That's all I have done for now and I will slowly update you guys with my progress .. Hope I don't disappoint you guys ... Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MG Acguy Ver. Hummingbird

Hello All and All Hello ...

It has really been a long long time since I have finished a Gunpla. So many reasons behind that but two main factors are - '' I have not enough time for gunpla '' and '' I'm a little bit tired of some of the elitism and lack of interest to modelling in the Gunpla community ''. But to assure my friends that I am still modelling Gunpla, I made this one. Nothing special about this guy, I bought from ebay ( along with a Gp02 and a Alteisen ) so cheaply and I thought to myself, '' this guy will be my guinea pig to practice and experiment ''.

The main camo scheme is inspired by Camo put on German uboats such at these -

I just used a variety of shade(tone??!!, however it is called ) of blue just because I thought it would be cooler then grey.

Here's the profile views all on four sides of the Acguy -

I figure with the base colour scheme and a camo like that which will also double act as a fake water reflection, it will be pretty hard to detect this guy by sight.

And I would like to be blunt and frank in the upcoming info. You might notice that the entire left arm has no camo applied and left slightly less weathered. Now, I know ( for a fact ) that people will ask/say why is it like that. So let me show you how I got the idea ( if there is no prove, people could say I forgot to paint or blah blah, which in fact was already stated to me twice ). As you know, I am also a AFV modeller and I read monthly magazine.  And I got this idea from this issue -

specifically this article -

and within this article, there's a picture -

Whether in the Chaos GB scenario or the OYW or any kind of war, anything can happen to men and machine and I just wanted to portray some thing like that while being creative at the same time.

I have been improving my weathering and since this is my guinea pig, I went all out. I used Vallejo German Camo Black Brown for the chipping. I chipped with fine point brush and sponge. I still need more practice with sponge ( it give great effect but applying that is tricky)

I decided to put in rust on area that water could and would pool. GDX of plamocon asked did I put on any streaking and the answer is yes, I did. Streaking 1/100 is very hard for me and I got to keep in mind to keep the streaking very tiny. The rust application was an experiment. I played around with MIG pigments, water and vallejo acrylic  I got to admit, I love using a mixture of thinned pigment+acrylic paint, it maintained the properties of both materials and clean up was easy.

I forgot how I used the colours but the colours involved are ( all tamiya ) - dark blue, blue, royal blue, sea grey, neutral grey, metallic grey, flat aluminium, white, deck tan and buff.

Per the norm from me, here's a number of poses -

and If you want to check out the close ups, just follow these links ( as usual, I divide all into sub section )-
Arms -

Body - http://s1001.beta.photobucket.com/user/hummingbird2012/library/MG%20Accguy/Body

Head - http://s1001.beta.photobucket.com/user/hummingbird2012/library/MG%20Accguy/head

legs -

There may have been some mistake ( big or small ) that I made but still  this is a little bit better then how I usually paint Gunpla... LOL ( I suck at painting in gunpla). Even with the flaws, I am happy to see this came out like this.

Enjoy and thanks for the support as well. Until next time an HAPPY MODELLING.