Sunday, 30 October 2011

2012 Mecha Contest - Prizes & Categories

HERE IT IS .... THE 2ND UPDATE OF THE 2012 MECHA CONTEST ... AND THIS VIDEO WOULD BE ABOUT - '''trumpet ''' - Prizes & Categories

Here is the Reminder of the First update of the Mecha Contest

 Again.. with this post, I will let you guys watch this video first and only after that, I will rumble on.. :P

Isn't it exciting? Right, here is the complete list or prizes and the category

1/100 LED Mirage w/Boomerang Unit System (
1/100 MG Sinanju + Water Slide Decals

1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam RX-78-2
1/20 Gans Panzer Aufkalarungs SK602
1/72 Reyleonard 04-Alicia White Pearl Ver. (

1/100 MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka (
1/72 Lineark White Glint
1/24 Tachikoma

1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Kotobukiya Kit (
Master Grade Kit (

1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom
1/100 MG OO Gundam Seven Sword /G (
1/12 RAcaseal Eleanor Ver.APSY

HobbyMate's Choice: ONE HobbyMate ACE airbrush

8 x Tool Sets (HobbyMate)
10 x Mode Lock Kit
3 x Tool Sets from (Toolbox23)

The main focal point I would say about this update would be the special ''concept'' category.

Here are some facts about it -
- Entrants MUST create a WIP thread within the MAC Forums Contest WIP section.
- Images of the build progressing with the Entry Poster must be shown throughout the build.
- 70% of the kit Must be Scratch Built (existing parts may be used from other model kits but the majority should be scratch built)

Like Kamm himself said, this will be the first time ( hopefully not the first) that a forum has done something that allow a completely SB Mecha, (or kitbash for that matter), a mecha that is uniquely your own to be build and to be submitted into a competition.

Right, I hope that would be enough to make you all excited and start readying up for this particular Category.

But don't start building yet, And it is crucial, The rules are still being polished.

So, Gentleman, Gear up, suit up and Start your engine... and Enjoy the massive ride ....

Be sure to keep cheecking Kamm's channel, Steve's channel, DC23's blog and yours truly for more update to this ....


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Two Good News In One

Good news every one. Well, actually, two good news in one.

The first one is , Your truly here has got himself his very very first commission.

Yours truly will be Scratch Building this particular flight pack of the TR-1 Hazel -

The right, The Icarus Flight pack. I have been talking with the client and deals have made and this will turn out to be more then a simple commission. Due to client - modeler confidential, I cannot release that much info.

And the other good new is, The client has allowed me to submit the TR-1 with the Icarus pack into the 2012 Mecha contest ( hosted by MAC, naturally, of cos)-
Posted Image

I can at least release this, the client said time is not exactly an essence and allowed me submit the build into the contest. He allow it to wait until Jan and work on this and submit it in the contest.

Well, there you go, folks, two good news in one.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Friday, 21 October 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 7

Alright time to update on this baby...

last update, I stopped at the teaser of the shoulder, right ??

lets continue from there ..

right, here is the base -
Posted Image

After that, i plated another layer like the one you just see in the photo
Posted Image

And made a sort of, adapter ... like so
Posted Image

and glue that adapter under the missle launcher - oh, and here is the missle launcher -
Posted Image
i have only put on flaps... haven't put on the vents for smoke ventilation

And the missile launcher can be attached onto the shoulder like so -
Posted Image

and after that , I did some changes to the gun-shield ...

put in the vent like so -
Posted Image

and put on some more add-ons
Posted Image

I put on some panel lines and rivets holes on the chest
Posted Image

and panel lines and more rivets holes on the tummhy
Posted Image

After that .. I did some detailing on the arms
(greatly inspired by Kamm and Decay )
Posted Image
Cut those parts out first so that I can do that next step

Posted Image

And even more detailings on the fore-arms
Posted Image

and for the following works, the picture will speak a thousand words
Posted Image

Oh, yeah, i almost forgot, i put some details on the other shoulder too
Posted Image

that's it for this update ...

If anybody wants, I can make a tutorial of how to make the sliding mechanisms ....

Thank you so much for reading.... STay Tuned for more

Thursday, 20 October 2011

AT-TE of the Grand Republic Army; Veteran of the 41st Elite Corp

The 41st Elite Corps was a legion of elite clones in the Grand Army of the Republic, composed of many variants of troopers, including AT-RT drivers, clone scout troopers and BARC troopers. Their legion color was alternately gray or marked with green camouflage. The 41st Elite was a division out of the 9th Assault Corps, under command of Senior Jedi General Luminara Unduli and Senior clone commander Gree.

This AT-TE has seen extensive battles and suffer massive damages from serving with the 41st Elite Corps under Commander Gree and Jedi Master Yoda on Kashyyyk. The left side of this AT-TE is more severally damaged as the dense forest of Kashyyyk is not as forgiving to the men and materials of the Republic as the other planets.

Now, that the Introduction is done, allow me to present to you, My custom coloured and Damaged AT-TE.

A little Info about the kit, the kit is Revell Easy kit, snap fit kit. The scale says it is 1/98 but I am not too sure about that scale. The kit moulding is quite ok but so much seams and flash. 

The damage are done by using my Drill bit and Rotacraft powertool. The paint chip was done by using a variation of the Hairspray method. There are actually about 5 layers of paint. I first primed the kit, spray a thick layer of Vallejo Metallic over the primer then a layer  of Hairspray directly after that, left overnight, then applied Tamiya Hull-Red over that and another layer of hairspray. Left overnight after the hair spray, the grey was Revell water colour acrylics, so is the Dark green. 

The paint chips are then make by dipping a hard brush into Tamiya thinner and rinsing out, so that only moisture level wetness of thinner is on the brush. Another variant of the dry brushing. Promodeller Clay based wash, MIG Grey wash and MIG pigments were used throughout the kit.

'''Trumpet ''' Roll out the red carpet.... 

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Some more close ups are in my Photobucket account ...


Thanks for looking 

Monday, 17 October 2011


Before I write anything, look at this great, great great video ... 

ARE YOU READY ???? Get excited guys, GET REALLY EXCITED ... 

This one is going to be a contest to remember. This will be the mother of all contest in the year to come.

We are inviting every modeller who loves Mecha to join in this great competition. Any model of any Mecha goes. From the highly appreciated gundams down to your own scratch build concept mechs. 

Why are we announcing this early? That's Because we want you to be excited and be prepared and to start thinking what you want to do. 

Contest starts 1st January 2012 - Ends 1st July 2012. That's 6 months, 6 months plus 2 months of prepare time. 

More information to come such as prizes & rules! Be sure to stay tuned as well as to check out Steve's, Aulon's and kamm's channel! (below) 

SNEEPER1980 Channel:

Aulon's Channel:

Kamm's Channel:

And of cos, our humble forum will be hosting thus, we will keep you guys updated in our forums. I'm pretty sure you don't need me to point you in MAC's direction.

Thanks for viewing as always!

Stay Tuned For More ....


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 4.1: Winndom's Carnage Gundam

Hello All and All hello. 

In this 4th chapter of my featuring series, I would like to feature a great great work from an upcoming modeler who is also a newer member of MAC.

This modeler goes by the name of Winndom and, believe you me, he can churn out great modified kits and his skill are really really impressive.

I saw one of his kit in another forum and immediately fell in love with the kit and felt like he has a great load of talent and potential that I invited him over to MAC. Fortunately for both party, he has decided to join and damn, I so glad that he did.

Let me tell you a little bit more about him. He had always built kits since he was little but started looking at the forums back in June and that was when he learned about all the things one can do further. In other word, he has been a collector but only been a modeler for about 4 months. 

Much like yours truly, this guy like doing body mods more so than detailing. He stated that scribing custom panel lines and pa-plating is not that fun to him (gosh, you guys have no idea how happy I am to meet a similar styled modeler :P ). He said and I quote - '' There's nothing more fun than coming up with your own mech design. '' - which I completely agree.

He has only completed 3 modded kits ( hard to believe, I know) and now that he has learned airbrush he will be brushing his kits from now on.

Now, this piece of art which I will be featuring is his very first mods and I have to say, it is damn well impressive. He stated really like the SEED line's designs and decided to take some inspirations from the Gaia Gundam and make a mobile suit with an animal mode. He used the NG Infinite Justice as the base kit and just modded parts from there. The color scheme was to make the suit give off a villainous aura. The story behind the concept is that the suit is equipped with an AI system that activates when it goes into beast form. In that form, performance is boosted to extreme but the pilot has no control over the actions of the suit.
The kit was hand painted with acrylic, Apple Barrel Acrylic, that one to be specific.

Apart from the obvious think paint ( remember that this is his first hand painted kit), and the dusts ( which is the nemesis of us all), this is a great great kit. A kit that personally inspire me to a point that I kept looking at it, again and again. This will definitely go down as one of the masterpiece of MAC, and who knows, Winndom could become a Legend of MAC in time.
So, Without further ado, I present to you, Winndom's Carnage Gundam

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

There, isn't that amazing? I juts love this. 
If you want to see more of this amazing kit, drop by to the offical Thread here on the MAC forum.
As always, I would love to extend my gratitude to my dear readers for reading this. I hope I don't bore you guys out. 

Stay Tuned for more.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Behold the Glory of the Zaku

Posted Image

Who, in the world of gunpla, would not like the Zaku? The Zaku; the back bone of the Zeon Force, The Zaku; the physical definition of elegance, The Zaku; beautifull example of how powerfull a grunt suit can be. 

Join us as this year December 1st, MAC will be going on a Zeonic Front with this Group Build. Join us as we give proper respect and love to the always omnipotent Zaku.

One might think this just a simple Group Build among  like milions of Group Build before, but if you look at rule number 3 - that is something unique. We of MAC appreciate team-work; from comradeship to apprenticeship, as such We WANT You to cooperate with others, either be it some friends working on one kit or diorama, but also we want and advised our advanced modelers to participate and team up with junior modelers to provide guidance. Of course even modelers with a few kits under their belts can learn something new too so it will be a win-win situation. There is quite some time before start of this GB so you can look for partners and ideas.

The ZAKU GB will be up very soon. Gundam Guy of GGInfinite and DC23's will be sponsoring this sure fire fun Group BuildGundam Guy  will be sponsoring various HQOparts and mono eye lens for the winner and toolBOX23 will be sponsoring a Zaku set of HobbyMate energy aluminum cables.

A couple of teams have already  joined the ZAKU Group Build already. One of the team is made up of no other then the members of our Brother forum, GAF; Team Australia led by Hemish and Team Dubai consisting of such big shot as Oceansean. Teaming up is allowed in this Group Build, so I suggest you look for a teammate and join the fun of our ZAKU Group Build very soon. 

Not only that, Yours truly Hummingbird just started a team himself, called ''Spec-ops''. Our Team will be mimicking the real life special ops soldiers, like a group of commando, each with their own specialty. I will be building the Zaku Cannon, which is a ''Bombardment'' class and one member has confirmed his '' Melee Specialist''. So if you are interested in such concept, JOIN SPEC-OPs.

We have more than 43 participants for this ZAKU Group Build already!. A lot of renowned modelers have already confirm their participation in the Group Build; renowned modelers such as Matt Tomczek, Hemish, Tember Gundam, kriz, Kamm, DC23, Ciccio1-P8 and Eday! So do not get left behind in your little rooms! GB will start on December 1, 2011, so buy yourself some Zaku, start  your engines now and join our discussion in our forums, here is the link...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 6

A very small tiny update, you guys ...

Alright.. as you guys would remember, U was reshaping the tummy armour and I kinda left it unfinished to I worked on it a little bit -
Posted Image
and that picture is how i closed that gaping hole you see in the previous update

The was a slight gap between the top plate of the tummy armour and the chest armour so I had to improvise... like so
Posted Image
I put in two pieces of rods on each side as you can see

and if you can see, NEAR THE GREEN SMUDGE, I put on another pieces of rod ( applied to both sides ) as the was a little bit of hole in it
Posted Image

after that, recycling the vents from the base kit, I remade the exhaust vents like so
Posted Image

finished redesigning looks like this -
Posted Image
need some touch ups and clean up, of cos ...

Next up is, I decided to put in a little something extra for the Perfect to be more Perfect and suggested by BlackLotus and Tonythem, I made a missile launcher.

I was lazy to form box from scratch so i used my stock Rectangular Rods to form the basic shape of the missle launcher -
Posted Image

And kept adding more and building from that -
Posted Image


Anyway ... the following pictures shows how i will attach the missle launcher to the shoulder.... I will keep that in suspense as I wanted it to be a surprise ... consider this a teaser .. :P
Posted Image

Alright, this is it for this update .... Thanks for the suppot ,,, will keep you updated .. Stay Tuned

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 3.3: Decay's Vent Saviour

Hello dear readers.

Its been quite some time since I have featured another modeler's work. I do apologize as life has been quite hectic on me these days and I don't find the time to blog about featured modelers.

So, today, let me proudly present you another work from a dear friend of mine, a friend who is also one of the legend of MAC, a man who is the champion for the customized category for the recently concluded EUGC, and that is no other then ... DECAY.

Again, for Decay, this is nothing more then a relaxed build but he did stated that this is his practice build. Why would someone with his skill need to practice, I don't have the slightest clue, but he did say he been wanting to do something that wasn't heavily modded and just stick with the original design and add detail. 

As you all know, he has been building all of kits with super-massive mods and really really weathered or damage looks and this is his first time building a super clean build. He also said it's very hard to make a kit all nice and clean while adding modes; everything needs to be double check and sanded. And even when he was in the final stages, he noticed new errors that he did not see before.

He did make some minor doo-doos on this while he was painting, though. While top coating it, some of the blue color was damaged they need to be re-done. Apparently, such doo-doos are hard to control and even he himself doesn't know why that happend and how he can prevent that from happening in the future. 

And as you can see this, before and after photos- 
Posted Image

The original kit doesn't have the upper-rotated thigh but it comes with a ball joint. And if you can look at the after photo, you will see he did something on the thigh, which is a MG-fied upper thigh. He made that thigh by using the parts that I sent him. I, The hummingbird, has to scavenged my NG Aile Strike and send him that kits upper arms (biceps) so that he can have much better posing ability in the legs. I don't really regret scavenging my kit as he had made this kit so beautiful that it was worth doing so.

Again, nothing less then a awesome piece of art from the Decaying Legend of MAC, a piece of art that I am proud and honored to share with fellow gunpla enthusiasts. Here comes the photos -

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And here is the really really really beautiful wallpaper he made with this finished kit, that is in my own eyes, nothing less then perfection - 
Posted Image
Hope you all love this great kit as much as I do. 
If you want to see the discussion about this , please do visit the Thread on MAC forum and/or you can visit his blog.

Thank you all for your support. Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tweaking around with photoshop part 2

Hello Dear readers.

Again I apologize for the non-modeling related post.

This is another post about some of my works on photoshop....

Again, I am nothing more then an amateur in this but I had fun doing a bit of photoshop and I enjoy it as much as I'm working on my models ... so yeah, I just wanna share it ...

And this is another of one pic of my fav sister - 

And this is one of a beloved younger sister and one of the most beautiful of Burmese in London

The following two photos are those of my closest younger sister 

And this one if one of my best friends

Well, I was having some kind of block on photoshopping and i can only produce as much .... but i have been practicing and I would be able to yield more better photos ...

Until then, Stay Tuned....

Thanks for looking