Friday, 30 September 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 5

A teeny tiny update ... I apologize for doing this step by step again.. but like that upper body armour, i made this detachable.. so i want to share step by step

Right, Step 1, As you all know (if you don't pls refer to the compare pic on the first page ), That tummy armour is just like that guy is bloated and with a big big tummy so, I had to improvise, try to make it look more Macho-man-big big .. u know .. So started out my sawing off like you see in the photos
Posted Image

In step two, I wanted make a whole redesign so I had to cut it off like so
Posted Image

Step 3 - redesigning start by plating as you see in the picture
Posted Image

Step 4 -after that, I need to see how it looks so I stuck ''Step 3'' onto the armour and found what i needed to do and Stuck two plates on the side
Posted Image

Step 5 - When i stuck on the two plates in step 4, something happened and there was a little bit of gap between the side plates and the core plate and As i didn't want to mess it up, I mprovised by sticking those two little things that you see now that also serve as details
Posted Image

Step 6 - The bottom of the tummy armour was just hollow and nothing was on it so I put on the bottom plate to closed it off
Posted Image

Step 7 - I didn't really like the way that middle area is looking and I thought it was bare so I used a rod and put it there .. just for detailing effect.
And I also glued two more plates to attach the ''cup''' that allow the power cable from the waist to go in
Posted Image

Step 8 - as you can see in the photos, I attach the Cup joint onto the whole armour ... and if you could refer back to Step 2, you will see that i sawed it off and had a gaping whole because of the orginal design... Thus, I started closing that hole ....
Posted Image

Step 9 - After closing the hole like you see in step 8, I further closed that up like so as you can see in this step
Posted Image

And I got this overAll look,, still not finished yet,, got alot alot to do...
Posted Image

Spent 10 hour on this one.. but i love it ..... love it ... and my kinda promise of making this a clean and tidy build... i was just tired and didn't actually want to shoot picture after tidying up .. so i just slap them on like so.. hope you guys don't mind ...

Thanks for reading... stay tuned.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Making hinges Part 1; without the use of telescopic rods

Hey guys,, this is a 2nd tutorial from the Hummingbird.

Imagine you want to make a missle launcher with the missle bay door swinging open to revel the missiles inside??
That is quite complicated, no? The bay door swing open and closing and hinges and everything....

something like this
Posted Image

Well, not really complicated anymore as a hinge can be make (and made successfully) simply by sandwiching pla-plates.

This is part 1 and this will be done without the use of telescopic rods. In part 2, I will talk about hinges made with the use of telescopic rods .

First, lets look at this basic schematic that my mentor and idol MatX posted for me when I asked him how to do it ..
Posted Image

That is basic schematic and what MatX told me and I quote -

If you don't have pipes and round beams, use 1mm plaplates, cut to size (follow the guide) and trim appropriately as indicated. You must round out the hinge part. Since this part is rather small, the "peg" will be too soft so be careful, dab a little thin cement on the hinge part and let cure for at least 6 hours to give it rigidity. Once the hinge is assembled it should be okay.

right, lets move on to the actually making of the hinges ....

First of all, you might want to cut your plates into this kind of configuration ( lets name this image 1)
Posted Image

Since i was using a big piece and a rather thick plate, 1.5mm, i didn't want to cut the no.2 plate into the one indicated in the schematic, thus, I cut the sides out and glued on a rod.
If you don't have rod, cut out the plate like so in the schematic and sand off those pegs to have round surface. I have done both method and I will talk about both.

Right, after that, you have to cut plate number 4 as you see in the picture. Make sure to cut it properly to accommodate plate no. 2's ''T'' area. Try to see if number 2 ''T'' fit on number 4 ''H''. You don't want it too tight, nor too loose.

Pieces Alpha and Beta are not compulsory as that concept would be very hard to build in small hinges. Again, I have try both configuration and I will be talking about them.

the purpose of Alpha and Beta can be seen in this photo - ( this would be image 2)
Posted Image

Part Alpha is there so that when the hinge is swiveling, plate number 2 would not detach itself from the whole sandwhich.
And after cutting the plates you see in image 1, you assemble the plates as you see in image2.
In Image2, the other plate 4 is purposely left un-glued for tutorial purpose.
Part Alphas are glued at the edge of one of plate 4 so that when the other plate 4 is glued onto plate 1, the ''T'' part of plate 2 is locked as a hinge in the whole assembly.

Gluing the other plate 4, you will get this -
Posted Image

This set up is rather easy as the plates are large, thick and the actual rod is there serving as a real hinge, thus, resulting in smooth motion.

In another way, small hinges are rather hard and more tedious.
Here in image 3, you can see the very small hinges i made -
Posted Image

since those are really really small, its very hard to make into a smooth swiveling hinge but it can still serve its function as a hinge....
as it can be seen from image no. 4
Posted Image

How can it serve its function without a smooth swivel ??
well, since the ''T'' are rounded, even if it can't swivel smoothly, you can always take off the whole thing and re-insert it in as a swung hinge.
In this configuration, part Alpha can't be incorporated as the hinge it self it just too small.

Well, that's it for this tutorial. I hope my explanation are understandable and hope this helps everyone.
IF you need to ask anything, pls do so.

Thanks for the support.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Ending 2011 with a Bang !!!!

2012 teaser poster

MAC ....... MECH ART COMMUNITY ... MECH ... That's right, we at MAC not only love gundam but also all the other various equally various mech out there.

Ok, with all the BAKUC or GWBC or what ever it is called, its like everything is based on gundam... gundam ... gundam ... Its becoming more like feeding the Fanboys rather then feeding modelers in general.

In short, well, it's all Gundams and Bandai (I take that back as Bandai also make great kits such as Code Geass), so We of MAC want you modelers to prepare yourself on something bigger, better and a totally never before seen event!

We (MAC as a whols) value creativity and originality so much in our forums, and we try to encourage our members to do more with their model kits rather than build out of the box and/or simple paint. So, sticking to ''traditions'' we have something really really good very soon. And I believe it is obvious by now that we do not just do it. In fact, We do it big time.

Obviously from the way we roll, and the great prizes of the recently concluded EUGC,  one can see that MAC is a BIG-TIME player, and we just want to do big stuffs and we assure you of even better prizes and bigger events in the year 2012!

As much as I want to blab about the details of this huge undertaking that we are cooking up inside our MAC forums, I cannot as the preliminary preparation and plans are still being drawn up but don't worry, we will not disappoint you guys. Once everything is ready to kick off, I will be happily announcing about it, and my dear readers will be the very first to see and hear about that.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears opened........ I assure you, IT WILL BE A BLAST ...
P.S, The picture was shamelessly ripped from Don's blog post , hehe :P

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What Modeling Can Offer - Part 2

Hello dear readers. This is the continuation of PART 1 of ''' What Modeling Can Offer''. 

I guess nothing special introduction is necessary as I have explained in PART 1 already, but just for convenience sake. This post will be mainly about What This Hobby Can Offer other then a few modified Gundam kits and a beautifully weathered Scale model kits. And What This Hobby Can Offer, dear readers is the GIFT OF GREAT FRIENDS.


Chris Bryan

This is the 2nd master out of two in the world of scale modeling. Chris and I have been friends since the early 2009 when I was still handpainting massively thick paints, right out of the paint bottle. He was the very first person to teach me that is just wrong. He was also the master that I always bug to ( that is , before I bug Glenn after bugging Chris.. hehe ). Chris was always guiding me in the right path to be a successful scale modeler and being a father himself, he is so patient  and gives great advice. Always accepted him as a master and will always respect him. Oh, don't forget, Chris has made a huge, kick ass diorama and makes so  much of a wonderful ( in lack of better words) models but just like Glenn, you will never never ever see him act proud of arrogant ( I know the mustache suggests otherwise.. haha). A master and a friend I am proud to have. You can check out my master's work on his FB profile

Cris Cook @ Kriz 
Posted Image

No other then one of the trio of admins of MAC forum, Chris Cook AKA Kriz and known by other user names as well , which i cannot find out anymore. Kriz ( i will use Kriz on this Chris ) and I know each other since a year ago I think, when he was banned at Zero-G, he caught up with me on FichtenFoo and sent me a PM. But I was kinda a noob with social life back then and didn't carry on the massages and the friendship kinda stop there but after MAC and skyping on MAC, Kriz quickly became a trusted friend and a mentor. He always teach me how to be a good moderator, how to communicate with people and how to stand up for myself. Kriz also gives me great advice from time to time ( sometimes I listen, sometimes I don't hehe ) and he has been a like a father to me and I am more then grateful to have such a man as a mentor and a friend. Here is the link to his Blog.

George @ BlackLotus

George and I become fast friends after he added me on facebook since 2010. Well, he was a single man back then, I was with my ex so we didn't really talked much back then but we were friends and this year, I found myself a good friend in him. He was one of the very few the still listened to my about my break up, about how lonely I felt, u know, the usual break up stuffs. George is a good friend who finds the time to encourage me, talk with me, listen to me and help me move on. Not only he did a tremendous job as a friend over my breakup, he is a skilled modeler and always helped with choosing concepts for my builds. A serious like just like myself, but a kindhearted friend none-the-less, a friend I am proud to have, and a brother I am honored to call. You can check out his works via his profile on the MAC Forum. 

Steve Santos @ sneeper1980
Posted Image

IF not for MAC, I would never have this great man. Steve Santos aka sneeper1980, a newly promoted moderator of MAC, is a great man with love for his friends so big, it matches his big body ( joking about the big body, Steve.. haha ). Honestly though, I have no idea of this guy existence. Even after he becomes active on MAC, I wasn't aware of him. Thanks to kamm, he started using skype with his ancient computer ( which crashes like hell ), only then I have the honor of becoming a friend with him. A true friend none the less, he values friendship as much as I do and stick by this friends ; mainly me as I was always teased at by the gang ( I hate you guys.. u know yourself who i'm talking about haha ). A friend who also helped me to move on with my breakup, a friend who share some common principles and morals. Steve is, and will always be, a true friend for me a brother I cannot trade for otherwise. Check out his Youtube Channel and don't forgot to subscribe.

Paweł Cynk @ Aulon

Seriously, I hate this bastard..... nah.. I'm just kidding. He's another friend that I have the honor of becoming friends with. Paweł Cynk @ Aulon is nothing more then a cold antisocial bastard ( or so he claimed to be ) but don't let that fool you. He's a great guy, crack jokes and always help me out with my concepts. If you guys, the readers, can remember, he is the guy that I had a build-off with. Having a build off with my worth adversary was fun as much as spending time with him on skype. Despite his cold behavior, he is a good friend and a good friend he will remain. Aulon, being a greedy guy, has both a blog and a youtube channel. Be sure to follow his blog and subscribe.

Adrian Navarro Sicat @ krescenhaze

Adrian aka krescenhaze and I have been friends since july 2010, the time when the hummingbird started flying out of the nest. We were in the same group, GMAC, i believe he is a later comer compare with me and he started his works on his famous IJ and we became friends after commenting on each other's works. As he is busy with work, he can't come online to skype that regularly yet we always talk on facebook, me asking for his help in my concepts and he doing the same thing for me. Being also a fellow moderator of MAC, he is also a friend with Vanz  as well as Paul @ the'Virgin'angel and of cos, me and Vanz and Paul also have constant contact on FB, posting on each other's wall and Adrian joins into our conversation, having no idea what in the hell we were talking about, haha. Another friend I am proud to have, all account of this hobby. Here is his official FB page and you can check out his works via his MAC forum profile.

The list goes on and will not stop here. Its already a long post already and I don't want to bore out my readers. Part 3 will follow slightly after. STAY TUNED FOR MORE.

Monday, 19 September 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 4

Alright, update,

actually, this is no big deal but I wanted to share steps by steps so that the juniors can learn from this -

Step 1 - Right, in this step one, What I did was mask off the parts of the armour that I don't want to cut, YET, and cut off the peices of armour that I wanted to and it became like so
Posted Image

Step 2 - I looked at the chest and the orginal chest was too protuding and I wanted to have a much more .. eh... less inclined surface so I began to reshape the chest by starting with this
Posted Image

Step 3 - Hollow out the lower portion of the chest armour and trim a little bit of the arrmour ( you can see the jagged edges around )
Posted Image

Step 4 - Reused the base kit for the sides of the armour
Posted Image

Step 5 - Closed off the lower portion like so
Posted Image

Step 6 - Shaved off the rest of the parts of the upper part ( the areas beside the pla pates )
Posted Image

Step 7 - plated again to a less inclined degree
Posted Image

step 8 - and closed off the gaping hole like so.... with a little of some shapes instead of just plain looking shapes
Posted Image

I know this is really really really a basic steps and whatnots but I Spent 16 hour, thinking this through and carrry this out and Since the reshaping still has access to the detachable ability, I wanted to do a step by step to share it with you guys, naturally, share it with juniors..

Hope i didn't bore you guys out ... Stay Tuned

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Being Too hard on your own works - Don't be

I was just reading back the comments I received from the wip thread of the Nataku I made and I came across this comment once again ...

A comment made by a dear and beloved friend; no other then Kamm, the hand painting assassin, himself ... he typed and I quote -

" I think its admirable all the effort you put into this Gary.... you worked really hard on it so far and I think your too hard on yourself. The problem with seeing "great inspiring" works somtimes opens your eyes too much. it makes you think all your work isnt good enough. Just look at it this way man...

Enjoy the hobby, and enjoy inspiring others. Your mods and work on this inspired me to try more better modifications. Just trust your MAC bros that mistakes are what make you progress and being able to laugh about them helps your mind stay clear and focused. More time spent worrying/dwelling less time will be spent enjoying.

Just remember mate, you inspire me.  '''

And Another great comment from another one of my close friends , Daddy Vanz, he said and I quote

'' what I  see in you my bro, is that you have ''lots of patience and determination ''to finish this kit...and we are here to keep on supporting you !!      

keep it up @hummingbird !!! keep flying !!! '''

Those two comments really really really helped me to get better and not feel down about my own works.

What kamm said is true as seeing so much great works out there alike, you always feel down looking at your own stuffs. For me, every time I see MatX's gimmicks or Julius SBing or Don's weathering OR so many other great kits out there, I feel like just hitting my head against the wall, thinking,  ''' gosh I want to be like them ... why can't I build like them''.
The thing is, don't think like that, please just don't. They are they, you are you .. that's what I have found out these days. MatX sculpt plate in his own way ... and I sculpt plates with my own way ( namely the stairs method ) and that's how it should be. No point bashing your head in for something other have done.

Like kamm said, seeing so many great kits opened my eyes and I compared my kits with their kits (which of cos, makes it look like $H!T) but it really doesn't matter. Enjoy the hobby, and enjoy inspiring others is the way things should be. I started out with nothing but now, I inspire people up to the level of the Hand-painting-assassin with my modding. Keep building, Keep practicing and you will get there in no time.

And considering what Vanz said, lots of patience and determination is the key to a successful build... hell, not only in model but also in life too. I spent 9 months on a crappy HG .. 9 months .. I didn't quit and I sure don't want my fellow modelers, most especially my juniors to quit. Please, never ever do.

Perseverance, being the key to success, is needed in all aspect of life and , no doubt, is very very useful in modeling.

So if you have hit a wall, sit back, relax, chill, think things through and keep on building.

Happy modeling guys....

Friday, 16 September 2011

WIP thread Link Fest : Zero-G

Hello there dear readers ..... 

First of all, I would like to thank my readers for their continuous. 

On to the this post, below is the list of 147 links to the great SB and modding Work-in-progress of the Malaysian based Forum, Zero-G.

Done by masters and first timers alike, the ranges of WIPs ranges from simple yet effective mods and scratch builds to complicated yet magnificent.

These links are basically my references before I can DO what I can do now, when I was still learning about scratch building and these threads really really helped me.

I went through all the trouble of pasting this onto this blog post so that our younger and aspiring junior modelers can benefit from those threads and can learn and see how people can do and so on so forth.

In the later posts of the WIP Thread Link fest, I will post about other forums. Right now, please enjoy the WIP threads of Zero-G.

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Thanks for reading and Enjoy....

Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Winners of the EUGC



1st runner up DIORAMA category
Gaw Assault Carrier by Ghostychan of Germany


1st runner up CUSTOMIZED category
hg 1/144 Enact modeled by zorox of Germany

MG Sinanju modeled by Mr. GAV of Brighton, United Kingdom

1st runner up STRAIGHT BUILD category
MG Freedom modeled by Appasionata of United Kingdom


KAMM's special CHOICE award

KAMM's random DRAW winner 

As a fellow officers of MAC and also as a participant, I am so proud to present the CHAMPIONS of our recently concluded EUROPE GUNPLA CUP! The MAC Forum's first online European Gunpla competition was a definite success! Thank you so much to ALL the participants who joined and supported the competition at our MAC forums!

A massive amount of gratitude to all our partners that helped in making this contest a success. Thanks to AEUG FranceGundam Italian ClubguNjap and Gundam Guy for their support and their collaboration! Thank you too to our very generous sponsor HOBBY LINK JAPAN for sponsoring our ambitious project!

And don't forget, a lot of gratitue goes to the MAC forums moderator and handsome friend ( according to Don but I don't really think so.. hehe) Jonathan Kaminski aka KAMM, who created the competition for his brothers and comrades in Europe (including me naturally) and for hosting the event in the MAC forums.

Now without further ado... I present to you, the official announcements of the resutls! You got to watch the video...

Again, a million thanks to those who submitted their entries and a million more to the sponsors and the collaborators who helped promoted this great event, and a gazillion thanks to our beloved friend and brother, Kamm, for making all these possible. 

THANK YOU for supporting our Europe Gunpla Cup! Hope to bring you more online fun in our MAC forums in the near future! :)


Saturday, 10 September 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 3

Right, time for a little update .....

Thanks to a certain someone....

This concept came into being ... and dang, I love it ... soon, very soon, the improvement will be underway in full speed..

first of all, I was looking at the back pack and that thing just look bloody ugly ... so I figure ... '' lets go and change that ''

and I did ..... so, to work it out, I cut it in twine -

Cut the lower part apart to have a little variation of the original  design

After that, I cut a large amount of length off of both the upper and lower part so that I could have a much more compact back pack...
of, cos I had to glue them back again... so, I need to put in a plate between the upper part and the lower part and two plates on each side of the central lower part

More platings to cover up the ugly gap you see in the above picture and, of cos, I swore myself to build this clean and tidy so... yeah, there you go...

next up, following the design sketched by a good friend of mine, ( It was Thethelmosengine, by the way )...
I started working on the knee armour ...
first up. cut those four

and after gluing them on both sides, I got the general location and shape I want so i move on further  and got this

The gaping hole you see is left there because I wanted to put in a vent and still figuring out how in the bloody hell should I put it in..

All in all, I got this

I do apologize as this is not as big a update as you guys might expect from the hummingbird but don't worry.. there will be more to come...

Thanks for reading, stay tuned .