Wednesday, 20 April 2011

CONCEPT MECHA: UBA AW-01 Bandula - Part 2

OK....update - remember that on the last post, i was making a canopy to go with the body... and i used the lower torso of the HG Sentinel gundams to built the .... main support (if you put it that way) of the body...

Posted Image

As you can see, i put a plate directly underneath the canopy... and the plate is supported by one diagonal and one horizontal support.... I like to use support.. it adds to the stability of the kit...

afterward, i use two layer of 1.50 mm plates to make the front body .. like so -
Posted Image

as you know, I'm putting on plates on the sides so basically, those plates are gonna buckle inward.. i don't want that .. so I supported them by inserting a piece of the barrel of the 1/400 dendrobium like so -
Posted Image

And I close that hole with a plate (I'm guessing i don't need to take a photo of this  )

that finished the front part of the body and i loved on to the rear and if you guys can refer back to the blue print, you can see that my back body is kinda angled.. so if i just stick on plates to form a box, its gonna buckle.. so i wanted to build them with support and i did it like so -
Posted Image

and then i closed that part with plates and as you can see from the photo, I'm still leaving the top open cos i want to put in some details in it -
Posted Image

and i built the , eh,, you could say left shoulder (due to its location )... out of plates .. and i put some round rods to those red spots... kinda like the missile bay of the Heavy arm custom ..

Posted Image

so basically.. it's gonna look like this on the kit...

Posted Image

Posted Image

and that beak like thingy you see there... I'm trying to figure out how to put on the nose... so that's basically it for this update.. Stay Tuned

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Here it is at last: the first ever European Gunpla Cup

New Flash, Dear Readers.......

Ladies and gentlemen of the gunpla world, for the first time ever, we of MAC are more then excited to announce the very first European Gunpla Cup. This is the first in the world for the modellers of Europe to participate in a gunpla contest, whose chances to show off their skills are hindered by the lack of gunpla events. Not anymore ladies and gents.


Our very own Kamm, the hand painting assassin from MAC,  takes point on this truly unique event, and we're proud that it's being hosted at MAC Forums, and with Hobby Link Japan sponsoring the Prizes.
Our man-love-hungry, handsome guy Kamm even got a nose bleed from stress, organizing this event. All in all, he made a very very very good job.


  1. All entrants, regardless of root, must live within Europe. Simply having an origin of Europe does not qualify you to enter. "Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom"
  2. Entrants may enter kits previously made prior to start date of competition. Also kits completed after start date are accepted. No form of BOOTLEG kits may be entered. Entry of such a kit will result in disqualification.
  3. Entrants may enter into as many categories as they so choose and may enter as many kits as they see fit. Passing off other peoples work as your own will result in dismissal of all entries made by that person which will be followed by a disqualification.  Entrants must be able to provide some form of "Work In Progress" at the judges request. This is for clarifcation purposes. (WIP Only needs to be shown if judges ask).
  4. All entries must be submitted within the MAC Forum. Visit the section labeled "EU-GC Entries" and create a thread under the relevant category "Diorama", "Customized" & "Straight Build Painted".
  5. Starting date for entries is April 20th
  6. Closing date for entries is September 1st
  7. The use of Resin is strictly forbidden
  8. Diorama restrictions are subject to 50cm x 50cm x 50cm

"Mechanics & Prizes can change without prior notice, but we'll keep everyone updated."


- When creating an entry please provide the following information:

- Name:
- Location:
- Kit:
- Category:

- Photo size 1600 X 1200 for Judging (please submit at judges request). 800 X 600 for Gallery Posting
- You may provide 5 MAIN Images per entry (front, side, back, two detail shots).  Additional photos, like WIP photos, technique shots, modification and scratch-build methods are much appreciated and encouraged but not necessary especially for Customized category, and can be posted as a regular WIP thread in MAC Forums Workshop. To avoid confusion, you can put in EU-GC contest WIP in the title of your WIP thread.
- the MAC Forums and Hobby Link Japan logos must be present in the submitted entries.  A blank PSD/PNG file with the will be provided later on for consistency. 

When uploading your entries please place the PNG file below over the submitted images to include the relevant logos:


Diorama : MG Epyon

Customized : MG 00 Raiser

Straight Build Painted:  MG Deathscythe

PLUS : An RG Strike for the Runner-Up in each category.


Entries will be judged by the 2008 BAKUC World Champ DC23, Scratch-Build Master Julius Lim, The Mod-Man from Planet X Who Never Sleeps, MatanglawinX.   The criteria for judging will be announced later.


Here is an example on how to submit.

Now, don't hold back people of Europe and let loose your inner modellingbeast and model like crazy. Please STAY TUNED for more about the upcoming WIPs and finished products of the contestant.

Improving the HG 1/100 Nataku - Part8

I do not think i can live up to your expectation this time.... trouble is, i was having too much stress about ABing that i actually went through and use my hands.. although, i had a chance to spray the whites on the arms and legs.. which turns out absolutely horrible... i could never get it right when spraying tamiya gloss white.... grrr..

anyhow,, this is what i got ...

I will show you guys a close up pic of the skirts and -
- you will see that there are , how should i say, dots dots dots appearing all over the front skirts..

and when you look at the back skirts -

- you can see a somewhat smooth ( if not for my noobish hands, i could have made it better by smoothing the parts pretty well,, but... )... surface...I don't exactly know what happened... but I know that has something to do with the primer... i could feel the rough dotted surface after i primed it... i though it would be ok when i paint it.. but apparently, it is not that ok...

ok.. moving on... i scribed some panel lines on the calves following of my friends suggestion ( i think, it was phantompain)... and i scribed it somewhat similar to the original panel lines.... and i also installed a pair of leg booster as you can see ( the nozzles are detached for the paint to dry) -
- as any one would have guessed, the boosters are scavenged from the 1/144 deathscythe gundam ( I am glad i bought that little guy)... i mean, come on, the nataku is a high speed melee MS, no way it's practical for it to move so fast with just the two booster on his backpack... so, to further reinforce that.. i make this - - ta da, another pair of booster.. and that one swivel up and down and yes. the poor little 144 deathscythe had to gave up his parts for the glory of the double dragon.. Tongue ( and yeah, the booster idea comes from the MK. II)

happy with the booster and moving on,  I was deeply upset with my own skills so i corrected that mistakes i made on the skirts and the legs.. and the smudges... and the finger prints

Again, My hand painting sucks..... the painting you gonna see will look like crap in your eyes.. for that, do forgive me... I did my best but i was at my limit....

As you all know.. i made a custom V fin, right??? I happend to have lost that V fin so i had to scratch build another one....  Did the best i could but still can't achieve perfect symmetry...

I just draw a shape that i want to cut on paper and glue that paper on the pla-plate and i just cut it out... i don't know why, i did every measurement carefully and i still mess up the symmetry.... anyway... i cut out that V fin plate and attached that 2nd camera looking thing by making a triangle by stacking plates and etched the middle of that triangle so that the borders are raised...

as you can see from the pictures -

I have to say,, I like it.. but i don't love it .. cos it is not symmetrical AND some what not sharp enough as a MG V-fin..

moving on... i was lazy to put in putty so, i fix a mistake i did like so in the picture

I love how it looks.... .  and next, the legs...I was very very unhappy with the paint i got with tamiya gloss white .. so i switched to Revell Acrylic White...Had to restrip the paint, sand a bit and as seen in the picture.....

Next, regarding the finger print i got, i striped, resand, reprimed and repaint the middle chest piece... the whole chest piece is hand painted and the gold were painted by masking the chest piece with blue tack... (it works quite well)

And if you could refer back to the previous update, the back skirts are really really awful and i hated every thing about it.. so i did a little sanding and a very small amount of details on it... ( fixed the front skirts too but forgot to take photos, sorry)

and the photo of what i did..

Well, that's it for this update... after 10 months, this WIP getting near to finish... I know that i make too many mistakes... but this is my limit for this WIP... hopefully i can improve on the next WIP...

As Usual, Thank you all for reading and C & C are welcome... Stay tuned...

CONCEPT MECHA: UBA AW-01 Bandula - Part 1

Hi, guys... This is my WIP for the MAC Concept Mecha GB...I just feel like sharing my works here.. This is gonna be my entry... a assualt walker type mech... used by the imaginary burmese army of a unified Burma, named after a famous Burmese general (the general is, of cos, real)..

here is a rough blue print of the mech..

the idea is actually refered from the mech from the mech warrior series..( i love them so much)...

and after going through my stash of spare parts and broken model kits.. i have found this..


as you can see from the photo, you might have guessed that i'm going to use the HG legs for the ''chicken-leg''... yes, you guessed it right... cos I'm not that skill-full to SB a leg out of nothing.... this is gonna be hard WIP with too much SB and with my tight schedule, i would only be able to progress slowly.. and also, i doubt i could make a mecha that would look exactly like the blueprint... so i do apologize in advance for that...

I was actually in the middle of no-where with this concept for a few week ( not because i have no idea.. i just don't know how to build it :P ) then suddenly.. after talking with my buddies on skype... i started working on this and i got this at first


basically, i have a crashed 1/32 spitfire as you can see from my previous photo and i just use the bubble canopy from it to make the canopy for the Bandula.. im having a hard time SBing a hole core body so im starting from the canopy and work my way to all direction ( sides, front, back and below )...

and I used milliput putty to turn the pelvis into something like i have shown on the blueprint


it's still short so i need to put in more putty... im doing this for cosmetics as well as to balnce out the weight of the kit...

held together by blue tack, this is a general layout of the Bandula


of cos, obviously i won't be using the arms of the HG sentinal like that .. it just to show you guys how it will look...

need to do so many more steps... i need to make the body... put in the secondary weapon... this is rather a hard build for me but that won't stop me, alright.. thanks for reading.. and STAY TUNED for more

Friday, 15 April 2011

MAC Forums NEW front page is up!


As you can see from the pictures, the new front page of our MAC forum is now up. This is basically just a soft launch for our new MAC Forums front page! We now have our very own front page for the forums, it has it's own domain and has a RSS feed of it's own.

As it is completely new and still under construction, the look and layout of the front page is rather plain, but it is just the temporary template before the great team behind the scence change it to a better looking design. The sole purpose of the front page is to feature the great contributions inside the forums and a RSS feed is also enabled, allowing everyone to add the URL to their BLOG ROLLs.

As a member of the moderating team of MAC, I would like to ask that  we would deeply appreciate if our fellow bloggers could add the new MAC Forums URL to their Blog Rolls / List and change all their MAC Forums links to the new URL as well. 

Here is the link of our new MAC Forums front page...

Thanks  for reading and I hope to see MAC Forums in your blog rolls! Thanks as always for the support and Stay TUNED for more updates as we will be making upgrades..

Friday, 8 April 2011

MG Infinite Justice

Hello, dear readers..

In this post, I would love to share with my readers the very first kit that I ,well, modded...

This kit is done about two year ago, it was done when I was just a noob so, everything about it is noobish. The most noticeable doo-doos I did with this kit is the massive finger prints here and there, not putting in panel line ( I was a noob back then), could only put on some decals, not all as my stupid big hands made some decals ripped in halves ... and I didn't know how to close seam lines too that time... BUT I am proud of what i did with this kit, basically the colour scheme....

Well, without further ado, my very first kit...

And in the following pictures, you can see the mods I have done, I was still a noob back then and had no idea how to mod so i just put on some plates...

Here, you can see the plates on I put on the skirts and i scribed a little panel line on each skirt, as you can see and if you look at the abdomen, you can see two small plates glued on

Here, you can see the plates on the chest armors and the plates on top of the shoulders and the some of the extruding shoulders plate from the back of the shoulders.I put some plates on the sides of the neck but unfortunately, it cannot be seen now

Here, you can see the two small strips I put on the biceps and the much better view of the shoulder plate

Here, you can see the small rectangular plate I put on the back of the bicep and obviously, you can see the plates on the back skirt

Here, you can see a rectangular plate, cut in half diagonally, and glued as two different pieces and a Kotobukiya part, glued on

Well, this is it... That was my very first model. I made so many mistakes, but I am , nevertheless, enjoyed the kit and the IJ became my favourite suit after this. 

Thank you very much and Stay Tuned for more...

Monday, 4 April 2011

MAC Forums First Anniversary contest 2011

 It has been almost a year since MAC was born and on July 14th, it will be our very first anniversary. To commemorate for this very first birthday of our forum, we  are happy to announce that we have a contest open for ALL our members in time for our anniversary.

The contest is basically a wallpaper making contest of any of your Gunpla. Any number of kits, any grade and multiple number of entries is allowed. NO rules on the limitation of the look of the wallpaper, It could be a nice realistic photo of a Zaku strolling on a city block or an effects heavy design of multiple kits.

The contest is generously sponsored by GG Infinite and a FREE Real Grade kit will be shipped to the winner with the most impressive design. Entries should be submitted and posted in our MAC Forums on or before June 30, 2011 ( in thumbnails ). 

Participants are allowed to submit multiple entries placed in their own thread. Here is the link to where you need to submit your entries guys...
submit your WALLPAPER here

All MAC members are allowed to join in our little contest. We are also welcoming new members to register and to submit their wallpaper for submission. If you are interested and want to get in on the fun or if you are not registered yet, come on over and join us -
MAC Forum