Friday, 11 May 2012

How to Hand-Paint Mecha/Gunpla

Greetings my readers and my fellow modelling enthusiasts. Welcome to another post from the hummingbird.

First of all, I would love to apologize for my lack of update on my blog. 

Its just that I have been jobless for the past year and now, I got a job .. ( well, its only a hotel receptionist job and its kinda feel awkward for a material science grad to be doing this kind of work but what can I do in this time :/ ) and I was busy with training and the manager keep giving me shitty rota that I can't even touch my models any more but don't worry, I haven't quit the hobby yet. So, Sorry for the lack of updates.. I will update after I have adjusted my life.. 

Right, onto the main feature of this post ... I would like to feature a video from a  dear friend who is also brother from another mother and also a leader ( when we play online games). And that said person is no other then Mr. Kamm, the Hand Painting Assassin himself. 

As you all know, Hand Painting Assassin paints all his models by hand brush and he has generously made a video tutorial about how he hand paint his models. 

Without further ADO, I present to you, ''' How to hand paint Gunpla/Mecha ''' tutorial from the Hand Painting Assassin himself.... So do enjoy .. .and don't forget to like, comment or subscribe to Kamm's channel...... 

Hope that was helpful to you... it was helpful to me.. but sadly, I have given up hand painting... :P ....
Hope you enjoyed this giant tutorial from a great modeler ( and a great guy to boot) ...
Don't forget to  like, comment or subscribe to Kamm's channel...... Stay Tuned until next post .


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