Tuesday, 26 July 2011

D-day Diorama : a masterpiece of one of my master

Hello dear readers. 

Its been a while since I have featured another modeler. Do forgive me as I have been quite busy with life and stuffs. 

Right, in this post, I will be featuring a master piece work of one of my first and foremost master in scale modeling. I am more than proud that my master allow me to featured this great masterpiece of his.

A master in scale modeling, by the name of Glenn Burford; I had the honor of becoming friends with him since march of 2009. A man of great skills and patient, he helped me with basic skill of scale modeling from taking care of nubs to weathering, and even now, still looking out for me as a friend and a disciple. 

The dio is made for his son, for a d-day memorial event in his son's school. In stead of me explaining how my master made it, why don't I just show you what he explain to me. This would be like straight from the horses (sorry master, just a phrase :P ).

Right, here is what he told me - 
''' Okay, i'll start at the begining
The base is foam board, built up in the area under the bunker
the beach and under the landeing craft are regular wall compound, spread out textured to look like sand. I used a spare figure to make all of the boot prints.
The bunker is from a very old AIRFIX playset! I was lucky to find that one!

The barbed wire was made by winding wire around a sharpie. and the fence poles are sticks off a vine in my back yard
the tank crosses were made with stock angle plastic, notched at the ends
The landing craft with the tank is Airfix and the LCI is from Pegasus Hobbies( a brand made by my local hobby shop
The US Rangers are also by Pegasus, I don't remember the brand of the Germans
The water was made with woodland scenics clear water and dry brushed white in top
the blueish color was painted on the bottom of the sea before the water was poured in

So lets move on to the pictures, shall we ?? 

I know most of my readers are gunpla modelers but I become a gunpla modelers from a scale modelers. I am at heart, and first and foremost, a scale modeler and a masterpiece in scale modeling such as this, I cannot help but feature it. I hope you all love this dio as much as I do. 

If you want to see more , you can check out his album on FB. I don't know if he has made his album public or not, but its worth a try clicking on the link to see.

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned. 


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