Sunday, 31 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 5

Alright guys ... some minor mods on the Famine..... geez.. this baby is draining every bit of brain power I have... whew ...

anyway.. first thing I did is this ...

Posted Image

I told you this weapon is not finished yet ... and thinking of putting something in... THIS is what I'm talking about...

And I did some thing on the chest teeth.... I was planning to make it 3D.. but I couldn't figure out what do to.. so I just did this ... you could say this is just basic ''girder'' system for the 3D teeth ...

Posted Image

And I put in some rod to simulates the ribs line showing on a victim of famine .. u know

Left -
Posted Image

right -
Posted Image

They are not showing but I like them.... ok,, moving on...

did some work on the feet... first of all cut those parts ..
Posted Image

and applied them on the feet like so ...
Posted Image

and closed those gaping holes and tada ...
Posted Image

I love it ... obviously, it is based on the DSHC but i did come up with a shape unique to my own ... ( I think )

moving on.. cut those little plates ...

and reinforced the high heel
Posted Image

Not finished yet ... will keep you guys updated...

Stay Tune for more ... Thanks

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

D-day Diorama : a masterpiece of one of my master

Hello dear readers. 

Its been a while since I have featured another modeler. Do forgive me as I have been quite busy with life and stuffs. 

Right, in this post, I will be featuring a master piece work of one of my first and foremost master in scale modeling. I am more than proud that my master allow me to featured this great masterpiece of his.

A master in scale modeling, by the name of Glenn Burford; I had the honor of becoming friends with him since march of 2009. A man of great skills and patient, he helped me with basic skill of scale modeling from taking care of nubs to weathering, and even now, still looking out for me as a friend and a disciple. 

The dio is made for his son, for a d-day memorial event in his son's school. In stead of me explaining how my master made it, why don't I just show you what he explain to me. This would be like straight from the horses (sorry master, just a phrase :P ).

Right, here is what he told me - 
''' Okay, i'll start at the begining
The base is foam board, built up in the area under the bunker
the beach and under the landeing craft are regular wall compound, spread out textured to look like sand. I used a spare figure to make all of the boot prints.
The bunker is from a very old AIRFIX playset! I was lucky to find that one!

The barbed wire was made by winding wire around a sharpie. and the fence poles are sticks off a vine in my back yard
the tank crosses were made with stock angle plastic, notched at the ends
The landing craft with the tank is Airfix and the LCI is from Pegasus Hobbies( a brand made by my local hobby shop
The US Rangers are also by Pegasus, I don't remember the brand of the Germans
The water was made with woodland scenics clear water and dry brushed white in top
the blueish color was painted on the bottom of the sea before the water was poured in

So lets move on to the pictures, shall we ?? 

I know most of my readers are gunpla modelers but I become a gunpla modelers from a scale modelers. I am at heart, and first and foremost, a scale modeler and a masterpiece in scale modeling such as this, I cannot help but feature it. I hope you all love this dio as much as I do. 

If you want to see more , you can check out his album on FB. I don't know if he has made his album public or not, but its worth a try clicking on the link to see.

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 4

Right time for a little update .......

This update will be mainly about the finishing the weapon and the shield concept ....

Right, let's start with the weapon.....
First of all, I make Balance Scales for the weapon
Posted Image

the wire used are tungstan, I think, I'm not too sure ... The, eh, bottom are just plates cut with a circle cutter and made concaved via mechnical forces ... The black pieces are just pieces of runner :P

After that.. i just used some more runners to make what it is in the photo...
Posted Image

As you can see, the top is still empty... don't sweat it ... the next photo will show you what i did about the top weapon

right .. here goes nothing ..
Posted Image

Ok.. step 1 show you guys the parts necessary i needed to make my weapon... two other sheet and two inner sheet... The inner sheet ( I will be stacking them to make blade edge) is, as you can see, made two piece... why i did that... well, I will keep that in suspense hehe

ok ... step 2 ... the front part of the inner sheet is glued under neath the outer sheet......

step 3 - i made a ... eh.. eh... the, u know.. the thing that sword maker put on the blade that will go into the grip to make the hilt.. u know... ( i'm terribly sorry.. i forgot and can't find what it is called.. heee ) ... and i put in the inner sheet for the rear part of the weapon

step 4 - i put in the inner sheet for the rear part of the weapon and i glued the... eh.. lets just say adaptor for hilt; onto the weapon

Step 5 - I finished the sandwhich by gluing the other side's outside sheet... and as you can see in the photo.. the round rod that is the handle got a bit bigger then step 4... yep.. that little thingy you see on step 3 and 4 goes into that handle you see in step 5 ...

And voila... this is Famine with his almost almost finished weapon.....
Posted Image

And this is one of the hidden fact about the weapon, the sword can detach from the main weapon like so ..
Posted Image

pretty neat eh??? :P.. i love it.. you might have noticed i gave the Famine a new look with his shield.... yep.. don't worry.. i will explain it now ..

Posted Image

Right.... as you can see form the picture ..
I had to take off the adapter part in step 1 as i want to change the place of the adapter...
Step 2, shows you the taken out adapter, closed by plates and refined So that it can go on to the place i want it to ..
Step 3 shows you how i closed the holes and where i glued on the round adapter...

right... that's the shield done.. well.. not really.. but for now..

Fig A shows the part from the HG Aegis that i scavenged to make new joints and connectors for this baby
Fig B shows you the adapter that the big round peg you see on Fig A can go in ...

I have shown you a pic of how the shield looks like so .. i guess it won't be necessary now....
right, that's it for today.... I hope you guys like it ... cos I LOVE it ... LOL...

Thanks for reading and stay tuned... 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 3

Right guys.. time for some update on Famine ....

first off,, i did this ... not finished yet.. as i need to put in more teeth....
Posted Image

The teeth are pla rods, sanded down with a I can't describe the shape.. but not the flat file... Sanded at angle until the rods become spikes, and use my hands to bend them ....

The tongue was put in my using Evergreen strips.. very thin one.... hope you guys like .. me, i love it

The 2nd this I did was to the other knee... made a recessed area like so...
Posted Image

So that i can make something like this ..
Posted Image

Next, I made a high hell feet for this guy ...
Posted Image

I'm kinda bum-out to type up a lengthy explanation right now ... but will edit the post and make on about this AS soon AS i have rested...

And I made a new weapon for this guys.... its only 25% finished though... i need to put in something that defines Famine himself....
Posted Image
Those blades you see are actually the bottom of the pole-arm... just wanted to show you guys like this ... much clearer

Well, folks... that's the update for now.. Not really much... still working our and trying out some ideas ... but I won't make you guys disappointed.... don't worry about it.....

Stay Tuned for more

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 2

Alright, i think its time i do some little update ...

Remeber that I wanted to give it a mouth in the torso ?? yep.. i have been working on it ... just putting on some external stuffs.. like the teeth and stuffs

right.. this is the upper jaw..
Posted Image

I wanted the upper jaw to be menacing so i decided to give it all curved, fang like teeth... they are a tad long but i love them .... Kamm did say they look more like spike .... but i'm a little bit lazy to change them so I had to improvise on the lower jaw..

You can see what the lower jaw look like from that pic.. but just for you guys to be able to see it clearly -
Posted Image

That is the lower jaw and the teeth design is suggested by out man-love-hungry crew, Decay, Kamm and Mars. Thank you and love you guys.

The lower jaw is kinda flat and I believe those teeth could use some 3D effects... they too small and very very randomly shaped to do my Stacking method so i may use putty... not too sure.. but thinking of making them 3D instead of flat... we will see

Next, i was looking around where i can give him more mouth with teeth... and this strikes me ..
Posted Image

i cut it off and put in plates, ready for the sculpting + plating to begin
Posted Image

This is gonna be a sanding and masking nightmare... bloody hell.... but that ain't stopping me....

Thanks for reading guys. stay tuned

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 1

When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"

The third Horseman, Famine is here.

Hey you guys, the call of Vanz and Kriz is just too irresistible for... so I have to answer to the call of apocalypse. In the mean time, the PERFECT GUNDAM is on hold cos I completely lost my mojo with that kit.

Right lets get down to business...

I will be combining those two concepts with a few touches of my own, of cos.

Posted Image
Posted Image

It will be hard.. but what the hey,, gonna push myself..
Posted Image

and this will be the sacrificial pawn if i need some curvy stuffs... or the likes...
Posted Image

Haven't really done much yet , just glued those pieces you see on the chest to form the basic shape of the chest mouth ..
Posted Image

and i cut off the excess arm armours as you can see
Posted Image

the plan is to put mouth here and there.. try to make it as thin as possible and ,, I'm thinking high extension... but not sure yet....

Stay Tune for more 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy first Birthday MAC!!!!!!!!

This is a day of joy for those of us in MAC. This is the day, our beloved forum, turns 1, its very first birthday. This is the day the admin team made the forum and invited us ( including me ) on facebook to drop by to the forum and, well, do our stuffs. LOL.

Like Don said, it has been really really hectic this time around last year. There were barely enough members back then, a skeleton crew, not too many posts. But luckily, the very first batch of members and admin and mod teams really pull through together. Kudos to those founding members for doing such a great job keeping this forum alive it delivering this to what it is today. 

I can remember that day just like yesterday. It was fun, it was exciting. A birth of a forum, a forum that aim to break the bad trends of nowadays forum cultures. MAC was originally planned to be a local Philippines but one thing led to another and, well, we are now becoming an international community.

In commemorating this event we have just finished our MAC Forums Gunpla Wallpaper contest which was won by DECAY and was sponsored generously by our good friend Gundam Guy.

We aimed to and We WILL continue to help inspire more people through our forum and our We we also try to continue to be one of the friendliest Gunpla forums while maintaining the quality of resources inside the forums. 

To show where MAC stands now, here are some stats about the forum ( copied shamelessly from Don's blog... forgive me don.. hehehe ) .

  •  Zero - banned members since ever!

  • 38,000 forum posts by all the members

  • 1,237 members both here in the Philippines and Internationally

  • 26 users - average users online at any given time of the day

  • 32 VIP members including some of the best in the world today

  • 490 completed and painted kits in the main Launch Pad

  • 163 Scale dioramas in the diorama section

  • 33 resin kits completed in the resin section

  • 452 ongoing projects in the work shop section

  • 233 tutorials about anything modeling related

  • Once again THANK YOU to all our dearest members! We believed Forums are made by the members of the community and obviously, you guys are what making this forums great! Now I leave you with a nice thread of what most of our members think of the forums since it's inception...

    What our members think of MAC Forums

    Thursday, 7 July 2011

    MG Strike Noir Raven Ver. H.Bird

    Hello dear readers. I am so so happy to be posting this .. :P... my first ever serious and carefully finished kit... I love every bit of this kit... from tip to toe, from colour to mods... Hope you guys can share my love for this one with me ...

    The only thing I am so pissed about is that the decals ( the sticker ones) popped up after flat coating and everything.. it just won't stick.. well it sticks.. but not that much ...grr .. I am so pissed at myself for not noticing them earlier on ... and for other doo-doos such as some paint chips here and there due to bad handling... and STILL, finger prints, only small one this time though ...... sigh ( i know.. i am so hard on myself... I have to )

    This is the Third major work of the hummingbird and took me 4 months to finish this baby... and finally it is finished... so without further ado, I present to you, a kit that I am really proud of, The STRIKE NOIR RAVEN

    2015 Edit - 
    For the sake of easier reading, I have not edited this post with larger font, better photos and with links to my 8 part WIP post -
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4 
    Part 5 
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8

    lets start with my most favourite pose --
    Posted Image

    with Scratch built beam shield .. ( i know, the paintings on that shield sucks big time.. waaahh T_T )
    Posted Image

    The other arm's beam shield activated ... showing you guys the different configuration of the Beam shield
    Posted Image

    Strike freedom/Freedom wanna be LOL
    Posted Image

    Love this pose very much
    Posted Image

    some more poses
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    And body shot ..
    Posted Image

    Hope you guys like it ... comment and critique are more then welcome ... just be gentle... LOL .. thanks
    Stay Tuned for more

    2015 Reflection -
    Looking back to this kit which I have done 4 years ago, I really was bad back then. Regardless, this kit gave me so much joy and I gained a lot of experience with modding so this is one of my proudest creation, 2nd only in my list after my Perfect Gundam. 

    Wednesday, 6 July 2011

    Apocalypse is coming to MAC

    Don't be alarmed. Not really. Its just a build-off between 4 members of MAC. The concept is the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

    This build-off is headed by none other then one of our beloved Admin of MAC, Kriz. According to him, he just woke up one morning and bam, he got the idea ( I wonder what kind of med has he been taking, I could use one or two of what's he taking LOL, anyway) and shared with us about the idea. 

    He got pretty hyped by the idea and started working on it right and soon after, another one of MAC Amir_anti_yosi , saw what kriz was doing to his kit and since he was also doing the same thing, he proposed a build off to kriz. Kriz accepted and it became a two person build-off and then, one of our very own, original and founding member/ global moderator ( a good friend of mine to boot), vanz anazasi saw the build off and asked to join and now he is accepted into the group-build-off. They still need one more person to fill in for the last horseman though.

    Kriz is working on the 2nd horseman, WAR 
    here is a preview of his work 
    Posted Image

    Amir_anti_yosi is working on the fourth and final horseman, DEATH
    here is a preview of his work 
    Posted Image

    vanz anazasi is working on the very first horseman, PESTILENCE
    here is a preview of his work 
    Posted Image

    We are still in need of the last horseman, Famine. 
    They are still on the look out and are recruiting the last horseman. If you are interested in this build-off, just contact kriz

    Edit - I have been accepted as the last remaining horseman and I will be building Famine.. :P... oh excited .... You can check out my WIP on this blog or if you prefer, you can visit the forum and see my WIP there. I will be dropping the link below, so don't worry.

    I have to say I am pretty damn well impressed with kriz for coming up with this idea. True, the theme is not exactly a good catch but what the hey... as long as the concept is good and the final results are great, that's all that matter. 

    If you want to read more about the builds WIP and the discussion, just drop by to MAC or just you can click on those individual links 

    Kriz's second horseman, WAR
    Amir_anti_yosi's fourth horseman, DEATH
    vanz anazasi's first horseman, PESTILENCE
    Hummingbird's third horseman, Famine

    Just for connivance sake and in case you don't know those modelers, I dropped links to their respective blogs.
    Kriz's blog
    Amir's blog
    Vanz's blog

    All three of them are veteran builders and all there of them are good. Wondering who the fourth addition could be, lets sit back and watch those three monster builders build three monster kits. Will definitely keep you guys updated.

    Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading.