Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 4

Hello peeps. Welcome to another update from the hummingbird. Lets continue with the Legend, shall we??

Right... the first thing I did was I extended both the length and width of all skirts ...

Here is the front and the back skirts

For the side skirts, It was rather tricky as I had to compensate for the dragoons on there ...

So the first thing I did was cut out those long plates which will be used as the base

After that, I cut up more ''Follow up'' pieces which will form part of the upper surface of the side skirts

When combined together, they turn into something like this

I also glued a plate under each skirts (front and back) to in preparation for what I'm about to do next

After that, Spent 16 hours designing and cuttings those babies .. although these designs are identical copies, I have to admit and give credit to GondorDestiny of Plamo for inspiring me and motivate with to work on those .. Thank you GondorDestiny

Moving on , this is the inner details of the front -

And this is the inner details of the back -

And this the inner details of the side skirts -

And after spending so many hours, I finally got this (this is the front and back) -

and these are the sides -

And I decided to put on some tiny details ... will scribe some lines later

I also Built a little extension to the back

This is the lower part of the extension .. I will do something about the hole.. Maybe some vents or something... We'll see

Coming next, I filled the inner part of the shoulder with Milliput ( in case you guys don't know what it is, its a two part epoxy putty) so that I can make a MG shoulder

After that, I need to drill holes so that the shoulder flap can be inserted ...
and lessons learned from the Nataku, I made sure I didn't mess up the flaps this time ....
Back then, I messed it up by the rod not aligning correctly...  So in order to avoid that, I had to take some long way around ..

First, I make 4 identical pieces with the hole in the exact same place

The reason being that once those pieces are glued ( temporarily ) like so on to the shoulders ,

I can just drill slots/holes down the putties of the inner shoulders  ( guided by those PS templates) and it will come out nice and tidy, without fear of the flap being ''off''
like so -

The shoulders are still in their very early stage but more work will be done on them, I promise you.
I hope I don't bore you guys out with the excessive details and pictures and explanations ...

You have been a great audience. Stay Tuned for more.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 3

Greetings ladies and gents ... welcome to another update from the bird

Right, lets get it on ...

The first thing i did was make the back skirts individually movable

and after that, they can now move freely as you can see from the photo -
I also did a little up on the (eh, lets just call it the Femur) Femur. Basically, that joint is just so light that it can't support the leg weight when the legs are spread and the legs keep swiveling back in so I looked at them and found out it was the weight issue. Hence, to make sure the legs stop coming back in and to act as a counter-weight, I made these

Problem Solved. (note to all - if you are having some weight issue, two part epoxy is a very good product to use as a counter weight)
Right, moving on - I was looking at that kit and it was too tall. The Legend is roughly the same height as the Infinite Justice and after comparing, I found out the the legend is too tall and the legs are out of proportion. So I shorted the thighs -
Ok, Now, I would like to show you first my redesigned whole torso so that you can see what it actually looks like and I will break it down and explain everything.

If you can remember from my previous update, I made a double ball joint waist and there is a big massive gap between the torso so I had to come up with a re-design.

Here is the upper torso-

The upper torso was made in quite a simple way actually, I just had to glued those part accurately so that I can all blend in well smoothly ... no problems what so ever was faced ...

The tricky part was the Lower torso ( the waist)
Lets drop the picture first

Right, after putting the little walls around the ball to close the gap, I did a test fit and found out that the lower torso is so thin. Not only it was thin, there was an aweful lot of extreme movement (bending) as well, so I had to improvise.
How I did them was simply gluing plates on but as you can see in the pictures, I have explained how everything works.

And after much tinkering around, I got these results

Side to Side
and front to back
and finally, this is how the Legend looks with its new torso and thighs

much better and much more proportioned, don't you think ??

Well, that's all for today's update folks. Thank you all for reading. You have been an awesome audience.

Stay Tuned untill the next update....

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Submit Your Finished Kit For the 2012 Mecha Contest

Hello ladies and gents. The bird is back again.

And today, I would like to talk about how to submit your finished kits for the 2012 mecha contest.

The creator and organiser of the contest, Kamm, had finished making the basic ground rules for finished kit submissions.

Here are the rules -



You can see an example submission here - LINK

Here is the Rules in case you want to further read about it - LINK

I Hope that covers almost everything. 


Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 2

Hello Ladies and Gents... Welcome to another update from the Hummingbird

As you guys remember, I was working on the thighs and now, I moved on to the body -

The first thing I did was make two of those Ball-Cup boxes -

After that ... I build the Joint Mechanisms as you can see in the photos -

as you see.. I have used supports and precisely sized SLAB for that ball joint to be stable under cyclic loading

And for the Lower torso .. I made this -
The holes are where the pegs from the BALLs will go into 

Which, test fitted, will give me this kind of appearance - 
which in turn let me perform those movements -
Front to Back 

And side to Side 
I still have to bulk up the torso a little bit more ... probably 1mm plating all around should be fine.. And I have make make sure the gaps in the mods will stay close so there will be more plating in the work .....

Oh, I almost Forgot ... 
I cut off the back skirts as you can see in the photos ..... I had to cut out the little part in the middle to make sure installing the tiny ball joint goes smoothly 

Anyway, this is all for not and I will see you guys later in my future updates ...

Thanks for looking and Stay Tuned for more ...

Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 1

Hello, dear readers.....

Welcome to another Work in Progress blog post of the hummingbird. As you all have already know, the MAC forum is hosting a super massive fun-filled contest and as one of the sponsor of the gifts and as a passionate modeler, not to mention a loved patron of MAC - yours truly have to participate in it too.

The kit I will be using for this entry is the No-Grade 1:100 Legend Gundam. I really love the Legend, the way it looks and everything.

Right here is the Entry Pass for the 2012 contest and let the modding begins -
This is the two parts I have to sacrifice .... it was worth it as 1/144 are valueless to me ...
These are two upper arms of the 1/144 deathscythe and next, I turned them into something like so -
by the power of pegs and super-glue .. .let there be '' joints ''
moving on .. I have to have pegs for the joints to connect to ... so first of all, cut those off

again, sacraficing the HG deathscythe .. I got those two parts
and after 45 mins of thinking where to put on ... voila

Now,.. those little black pegs need a hole to go into right ?? Don't you worry... I got it covered ...
and it just can't be hold cos it would hold well, you know .. and hence ... I did this 
which , when dried, can give me this result 
Which in turn will let me able to do THIS 

It's still a bit rough and dirty as you all know I don't take pictures AFTER clean up .. I take pics along the building ... 

Well, this is all for now for this WIP .. Please Stay Tuned for More ....

Saturday, 7 January 2012

143 Entries in a matter of 7 days !!!!!!

That's right ..... you're not mistaking the Title ... it really 143 entries all together within seven , SEVEN, days since the start of the contest....

The admin team has been under a lot of pressure sorting out the entries and so on so forth but the brain child of Kamm and Sneeper of MAC is really moving along and this is turning out to be the one of the MOST exciting event of 2012 regarding sci-fi and mecha modeling.

You got to admit, Sneeper with all of his workloads and busy schedule and Kamm, you all know what happened to Kamm, with all the unfortunate events, can push through and organize so much and with the help of the VIP members and moderator can really really make this one of the best and exciting event of the year. Of cos, Lets not forget the Energizer Bunny himself, no other the DC23 for pumping out that mind blowing entry pass poster...

I guess I don't need to bore you guys out with already know fact such as who is the sponsoring and blah blah blah ... just want to say 143 entries in 7 days..... 143 in 7 days ....
So what are you waiting for ?? Gear up your gunpla mojo, clean your work space and start your engine and let it rip .... COME JOIN US

Just In case if you guys have forgotten -
Here is the How to enter POST - LINK

Here is the Prizes and FAQ LINK


I really Hope to see your entries soon enough, Ladies and Gents ...

oh and did i forget to mention there are not two ladies entering the contest?? yep..and they both are hotties ... haha... 'nuff said ....

As usual, thank you so so much for taking time to read my blog post and I will see you guys in the MAC forum ... Stay Tuned until the next Update