Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 1.3: Kamm's FAZZ

Hello, dear readers. Once again, it has come to it to feature another piece of work from the Hand Painting assassin, the one and only Kamm.

This project took Kamm 4 whole months in the making and the W.I.P was one if not the most famous work in progress thread at our MAC Forums.

It would not be exaggerating to say that the modifications Kamm has done on this kit is as unique as they are original. And keeping in mind of the fact that this kit is Kamm's first take on modding a kit, this kit is very much deserving of all the praises it is getting at our forum and other places.

The rivets you see all around the kit are custom made from small pla rods and this huge behemoth is entirely hand painted.

Hand painting is, as you all know, a very very different aspect of modelling and the right technique in applying the paint to achieve perfect paint jobs is just hard as hell. As much as it is already hard to paint even the small 1/144 kit without brushstrokes, Kamm had once again proved to the world that he is a true Hand Painting Assassin.

Kamm has level has drastically improved since his last project and we can only sit and wait and see what he will cook up next, to our excitement and amusements. I am proud to feature the works of my dear friend and a value member of MAC.

Here is the before and after photo..

Posted Image
Posted Image

.Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is the two videos from the MAN it self.. 

If you want to read more about the discussion and if you want to see more pictures.... you know where to go... but here's the link to those who doesn't know .. 

Thanks for reading and STAY TUNED for more.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

CONCEPT MECHA: UBA AW-01 Bandula - Part 4

on to update.....

i was working on the beak and i got this idea and started turning it into reality... First of all, I salvaged a part from the HG S-gundam and turn it into something like so -

Posted Image

That part was somewhat angled and wasn't flat so, i used my ''shaping by stacking'' to flat that part out .... the reason to flatten it out can be seen in the next photo ..
As uausl, i want to make my WIP, step by step and detailed, i combined every step on the next photo... i guess the whole explanation in the photo will be enough...
Posted Image

right, that's the beak done... i just need to put in some cylinderical part to use as optical devices ( and yes, this idea is taken from the apache)

Due to my friends support, i am now brave enough to put in pilots and a cock pit and instrumental panel ...

this is the panel which is in the front
Posted Image

And this is the, eh, plate between the two pilots and the panel for the 2nd pilot
Posted Image

I couldn't actually find any figure of a pilot in a 1/48 scale so i bought the cheapest i could find

These are the figures -
Posted Image

and yeah,, they are padres and indian... gonna make the padres pilot a mech just like in a anime,, LOL ... like the gang said, i have godly pilots.. :P

and the next step, i cut off the figures from the shoulders and they are gonna go in like this -
Posted Image

of cos, i have to sculpt the figures and give them helment and blah blah blah.. those steps, of cos, will be in the next update...
Oh yeah, i forgot,, due to the placement of the shoulders, i decided to close that rear component..

Stay tune.... and Thank you very very much

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EU-GC is going better then expected

On April 19th of 2011, we of MAC announced the very first European Cup, the brain child of our proud member of MAC, Kamm, who with his vision to create something similar to BAKUC as Europe is not really a market in the eyes of Bandai. It was a visionary, it was revolutionary. 

We assumed EU-GC will be limited only to a few members within MAC but we were proven wrong.
On the 27th of April, DC23 blogged about the first step of this revolution.

The aforementioned group in the picture contacted DC23 asked as if they could be partners. We are proud and happy to present to you our new partner with our EUROPE GUNPLA CUP ( EU-GC ). Aside form our current partnership with Gundam Australia Forums through our Beargguy Group Build, The first ever organized Gundam and Gunpla association in France has offered help and partnership with our EU-GC competition.

AEUG ( Association pourl'essor de l'univers Gundam ) is the very first and the only official structure in France that promotes Gundam and Gunpla. AEUG attends lots of events such as the Japan Expo in Paris. In all of those events, AEUG holds Gunpla workshops selling FG kits to kids from 4 years old and help them build Gunpla by supplying them markers, nippers and sanding files.

AEUG also exhibits models made and finished by their members and share modeling intel with the audience of big expos and events. Partnering with AEUG should help us further promote the EUROPE GUNPLA CUP. Hopefully eventually EU-GC will convince BANDAI that Europe including France is a strong enough Gunpla market, and that countries in Europe or Europe as a whole could also participate in their  Bandai Model Kit World Cup.

We, being the organizers that aim to spread the love of gunpla, modelling in general, to the four corners of the world, are glad to have AEUG as part of the team and we hope all efforts will produce a successful competition.

We though that was all there is to it. Wrong again. On May 11, today, DC23 blogged about another partnership. 

GIC logo 

Aside from our good friends in Gundam Guy and Gunjap which are the top 2 most popular Gunpla / Gundam bloggers in the net today, GIC or Gundam Italian Club is now our partner in promoting the Europe Gunpla Cup!

GUNDAM ITALIAN CLUB is the national fan club in Italy that was founded back in 2007 by the experience of 3 communities ( GWZ, Starsubbers and United Century Italia ).

Since 2007, Gundam Italian Club ( GIC ) has become one of the sponsors of the great Italian modeling contest NKGC contest, held in Lucca Tuscany every year in November during the Lucca comics and games.

GIC has worked in the release of " Endless Waltz " and " Gundam F91 " DVDs in Italy.

The GIC has also worked with Raitrade (Italian national TV) and Dyinit for the 2009 edition of "Cartoons On The Bay" where Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam's dad) has received a lifetime achievement award on the occasion of 30 years of Gundam. 

In addition to providing our advice, we made Italian subtitles at all screenings and an exhibition of Gundam models.

In 2010 we started a collaboration with GP Publishing, which launched the publication in Italy of "Turn A Gundam."

In short, the Italian Club Gundam moves around everything that has to do with Gundam in Italy and with many successes. For this reason, our interest would start to shake and an interesting collaboration accompany the interest of the Gundam Universe and all its future events, merchandising and especially modeling contest.

This is getting way better then the organizer Kamm has intended and expected and we of MAC are more then proud to host this new undertaking with these new partners. 

Thanks to our new partners for supporting the very first Europe Gunpla Cup! We are sincerely hoping for the success of everyone!

So, gunpla modellers from around Europe, start your engine, get set and work on those kits like crazy.

EU-GC Poster

Stay Tuned for More.

Monday, 2 May 2011

CONCEPT MECHA: UBA AW-01 Bandula - Part 3

Hey guys.... not really a very much of a up date... just doing things bits and bots there... 
ok , on to the update... 

I was just busy with cutting plates and sort of small stuffs and figuring out how to put in the the arms.. i initially thought of just keeping the arms fixed but the modding hormones in me screamed mod,, mod, more mod in my head.. so i decided to put in functioning arms... and here's how i made the arrangements -

1. I encase the ball joint cup with thick plates because the arms will be connected to heavy weapons so i need large surface area around the cup to do glue it into what i have in plan ....and here's the picture of those boxes
Posted Image

2. This is the lay out of how the ball cup will be placed... placed behind the plates at the bottom and those plates will then be glued to the ''boxes''' 
Posted Image

and i glued them like so - Posted Image

3. as you all know, i made the box named ''left shoulder'' which is the missile launcher, right??? well, i need to make a right shoulder so i made it like so - 
Posted Image
the guns i used are from the HG sentinel that i just scavaged... ( it was bought to be used as spare anyway.. :P )

4. Now that's the shoulders ( boxes taken care of) so i need to attach the plates that i glued the cups onto those boxes to make complete shoulders.. and voila.. just look at the picture
Posted Image

of course, the one on the left has to be flipped over for the ball cup to be facing the other way.. (just displaying how i put in the ball cup)

5. And, what next?? well, this next steps has a lot to do with MatX..if not for his tutorial, I wouldn't have known how to do it and my left shoulder would be nothing but an open Missie launcher... Thank you, my tutor.. :P (here's the link to how that hinge is made http://s3.zetaboards.com/MACforums/topic/7392582/1/#new )
ok, going back to my update, i made two hinges according to his tutorial... and voila 
Posted Image
i got very very nifty hinges... they are still in the testing phase though, i need to check them out carefully , i don't want to be undergo fatigue failure or cracks..

and this is a test fix of what i have in mind - 
Posted Image

I have to say, i am pretty darn pleased with myself with the missile launcher.. i have always wanted to build a missile launcher with hinges and hatches that close and open (ok, that open and closes.. what's wrong with saying it backward?? LOL )

oh and yes, how are the missiles made? i just use a 1.5 mm diameter rod and ... just stick it, cut, stick it, cut, and then sanded down the whole she-bang until they reached a uniform height... 

that would be all for this update.. pls stay tune.. :P