Friday, 26 August 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 9

Right, Time for a small update on the famine ..... first of all, I did this ..

I will not put in the little blue and red armor pieces to make it more slimmer and due to that, there is a considerable sized gap between the waist and the little thingy that goes in beneath the torso... so I had to improvise to get rid of that gap
Posted Image

And I don''t know, I just felt like putting that on and I put that on the arm gun
Posted Image

And the little spiky thingy that comes out on the shoulder-blades ( anatomy term) will be positioned like so ... I like it that way as it seems like two horns sticking out
Posted Image

as you can see from this photo - 

Posted Image

The pole-arm blade are too bare and looking so hideous so I had to improvise ... so ... I had to do this -
Posted Image
A little bit of platings here and there to bulk up the blades ... and after doing that, I thought those middle parts so ugly.. so i had to improvise again ..
SO i put another layer of plating like so ...
Posted Image
That put up a considerable bulk on the pole-arm blades and I am more then happy to get that kind of bulk ...

I was happy with that blade so I moved on ...... TO THE SHILED
i have been having that idea for some time and I felt like really really implementing that ...
So off to my spare box, I found something and I did something like so
Posted Image

of cos, once cut, the front part of the guns had gaping holes and the barrel is not opened so I had to do this -
Posted Image

Happy with that and kept building which is followed by sticking those parts on the shield and putting a piece of rod behind them
Posted Image

Again, I had to search into my spare box and I found a HG sentinal Gundam Corefighter and more then delighted, I quickly scavenged it, leading to this -
Posted Image

Now that guns had vents and I was kinda happy with the details I got ...

This could be the last update as I plan to paint it during the next 4 days... Have to rush it to make the EU-GC on time ... I hope I do..

Thanks for looking ... Stay Tuned for More

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What Modeling Can Offer - Part 1

Hello dear readers. Again I would like to apologize for a non-gunpla related post, but this is related to modeling in general. I always wanted to say about what I am going to say in this blog post and now that I have a blog AND that I have establish quite a little bit of foot hold in this hobby, I guess it's time I say about this. 

This post will be mainly about What This Hobby Can Offer other then a few modified Gundam kits and a beautifully weathered Scale model kits. And What This Hobby Can Offer, dear readers is the GIFT OF GREAT FRIENDS. As you all know, ( and to those who don't), I started out as a scale modeler 7 years ago. My very first kit were the Revel 1/720 Prinz Eugen and 1/720 Carl Vanson and 1/700 Bismarck ( which I do not remember the brand). Back then, I was still a high school student in Burma(Myanmar) and due to me being a naughty boy ( not the ''ahem'' kind of naughty, mind you), my sister cuts off supply to me for 3 years until I can get to London to study. That's where the real fun starts. I was doing, still, scale models by that time but moved on to gunpla for a change in early 2008 and still doing both.

At first, when I started my modeling life, I thought I had no friend, no comrade to share, I thought i would never make friends, have a social life, and the sorts. Oh, I was gravely mistaken. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and, of course, Facebook, I get to make friends with some modelers and since those days in the early 2008, I have had so many friends and among those friends, I had the honor of calling some of them, my closest of friends, practically, family; A modeling Family. This family, have been with me through my ups and downs, happy and sad times, in good and in health ( even though we are separated by thousand of miles) and I am so proud to call them my friends and honored to be with them. 

I think it would be rather boring for me to prat by my self, so why not introduce you to the great people that I have an honor of calling great friends. This will be a long list so this title will be divided into many parts. Lets start shall we?? ... 

Glenn Burford

One of my two master in the Scale modeling society. Glenn and I have been friends ever since early 2009 and he love German Armour as much as I do and we got along really quick. Glenn is really really good with painting armour and weathering and since I was a junior back then, he really helped me a lot with anything i needed to know. Within a few months, he become my master and I was his padawan ( we love star wars :P ) and a modest man at heart, Glenn doesn't act all high and mighty even after making him a master. A master and a great friend to have, one I am proud to call my master. His works can be seen on his facebook profile, HERE.

Miguel Escobar
Miguel Escobar
Miguel Escobar, my stylish, handsome and funny friend ( and I still wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet ) from South America, Columbia to be exact. I knew Miguel since Sept 2009 and Glenn was our mutual friends and because of that, I got to know this great guy. Same with Glenn, our love for German armour and our love for the knowledge of the 2nd World War lead us to a great friendship. If I recall, Miguel was also a padawan of Glenn, started modeling almost the same time as me, but damn ,he is now so getting good. What I particularly like about his models are his great great mud effects. Miguel have been a great friend since then, still a great friend and will always will be. His Works can be seen on his Facebook Profile, HERE.

Paul Velando @ the ''Virgin'' angel

I believe Paul is one of my earliest close friends I made after stepping into the gunpla modeling world. We have been friends since March 2010. I honestly can't remember how I found him on FB, but it had something to do with gunpla, naturally. We were both amateurs back then and it was not only discussion about gunpla but also about girlfriends that brought us closer. He, being a psychology major, helps me through my down and low. When I was heart-broken, he was one of the friends that actually took his time to comfort me and sooth me with his psychological knowledge. Not only with my heart break, he has help me with his knowledge through some depression time. A friend I am proud to call my brother. You can check out his works in the MAC Forum and his Youtube account.

Vanz Najoseki Hilario @ vanz anazasi

Daddy Vanz, which he loves to call himself, is a friend I made on May 2010, slightly after knowing Paul, and of cos, naturally, Paul was a mutual friend. Vanz Najoseki Hilario is a good friend, a good senior in gunpla modeling. He has taught me quite very much about gunpla, AND he is the senior that taught both me and Paul. As with Paul, he has helped me went through my down times with his witty charms and his funny mind. A true friend and a great comrade. Been good friends every since, never lost contact once. You can check out his works in his blog, DARK SIDE OF THE SUN and on MAC Forum.

Marc Meyer @ Decay

One of the legends of MAC, one of the modeler extraordinaire of MAC, Marc and I become friends shortly after Kamm come up with this idea of group Skype every bloody evening. A friend I made in the early months of 2011 yet a friend I love so so much and a brother I would call proudly. Aside from the love of gunpla, we share the passion of gaming and eating and most of all, MODDING out kits like crazy. Marc is one of my gunpla family and one that have been with me in my darkest of hours, in my neediest of time. AND he gives good advice, relationship and life-wise. He has been practically family ever since and he cracks jokes too. You can check out his works on his blog, HERE, or the MAC forum

Jonathan Kaminski @ Kamm 

The self-proclaimed but accepted ambassador of MAC and one of the legends of MAC. I know him when MAC become like super massively active with new members and events. He is the mastermind behind EUGC and the jester of MAC. He made those fun-filled thread that bring us and many other closer to each other. I had the honor of becoming a friend with him early in the 2011, around the middle week of February, I think. He can be a little bit frustrating something, always mess around with me and make so much wise cracks and jokes as hell ( you bastard ) but what Kamm really is, is a friend who would literally kill anybody for his friends. He was one of the friends that have boosted my confidence in dealing with people and helping immensely in dealing with my heart break. Another friend I am honored to called a brother. Here is the link to his youtube account and his profile on the MAC forum

The list goes on and will not stop here. Its already a long post already and I don't want to bore out my readers. Part 2 will follow slightly after. STAY TUNED FOR MORE.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 8

Hello Dear readers ..... 
Here is some smalll itty bitty update to the famine .. very very small update, I didn't do much as I was having a block ( a modeler's nemesis) ...

Anyway .... the first thing about this update is the little strips I put on the Biceps .. as you can see from the photo
Posted Image

both to the front and back of the Biceps of cos ... thinking of putting something on the side of the biceps .. but I'm not sure ....

The 2nd thing is, I made a tongue...
Posted Image

And I made another mouth.... this one, being opened ...
Posted Image

and combined them together to get this -
Posted Image
A little bit bizarre but love it ..

All in all, the thighs look like this -
Posted Image

ok.. for the other part of this update , I wanted to show some decoration I put on the shield ... and I wanted to show you step by step how I did it but IF I do that, that would be a massive amount of pictures so.. I will just skip that and will just show you the first concept and the current progress ...

right.. the concept was to put a sculpture of a famished victim on the shield , as you all know this is Famine and I had to do a little research to see how actual famished victims look like ,.. and gosh... it wasn't a easy job researching about it .. just ...''sigh'' .. ( I thought to myself that time, maybe I shouldn't do this concept you know.. ) ... anyway ...

I did an initial sketch and double-taped it on a large piece of pla-plate -
Posted Image
(do forgive the face... I just sketch a cheek bone line to see how it is .. hehe)

And (skipping my steps) I am currently at this stage now ..
Posted Image
The thing that is bugging me right now is that the sculpture of the famished victim is flat and not actually 3D so I can't decide if I should just keep it like this or make it more 3D... still debating ...

That's it for today's update..Thanks for reading ... Stay Tuned for more ....

Friday, 19 August 2011

More videos of my Finished kits

Hello Dear Readers ....

as you know know, I stepped into the field of making gunpla videos of my completed kits ( nothing major just slide shows you know ) and after the initial try of my very first video , I wanted to make more videos for my completed kit, as most of my friends also make videos for youtube.

With their encouragement and my own willingness, I have made two more videos of my completed kits.

This is my 3rd finished kit, 2nd video... Representing my MG Strike Noir Raven -

And This is my 4th Finished kit, 3rd video .... Representing my NG Exia

I hope you enjoyed the Videos and I hope the music is to your liking. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

1/60 No-Grade Exia Ver. Hummingbird

Hello dear Readers.This is the Hummingbird, presenting his 4th finished kit. This one was done in 24 hour ( not one day straight ) and this baby was built and painted for the EUGC entry.

Nothing too special, just built out of the box and painted and decaled. The blue was actually two different tones - the little bit darker tone is mixed with more ratio of Tamiya Royal Blue and less ration of medium blue with a small hint of Metallic blue while the other a bit light/pale tone is mixed with more ratio of Medium blue and small amount of royal blue with a little bit of Purple. The grey was mixed with Nato Black, Natural grey and Semi gloss black. The kit was preshaded but i didn't want the shadings to show too much. The decals were taking from the Display Stand pack.

Hope you guys like it ... me, I love it ...
Let's move on with the pictures shall we ???

lets start with my favourite pose ..
Posted Image

2nd Favorite pose
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And of cos... here are the (you could say ) walk around of the kit
front -
Posted Image

side -
Posted Image

Back -
Posted Image

If you want to see more ... you can check out my photobucket account  Or my Facebook album, if you have facebook ... 

And you can check out the discussion here

Thanks for looking. Stay Tuned for more.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 7

A very very very small update to the Famine, you guys .. - 

right.. the first thing I did was extended the neck by 1 mm and put in a plate in the front of the neck for integrity - 

After that ... did something on the face plate ... I have to say.. I really really really love my own work on this ... 
Face front view - 

Face side view - As you can see, I also extended the chin 

After that, I put those little thingy on the top of the gun just for details and cosmetic purposes ..

also put some rods on the bottom of the barrel - 

And I also did some touch up on the chest mouth piece ... 
See those diagonal plates ?? yep.. I put them on top of the mouth as there was a ugly gap ... 

And as you can see from this photos - 

there is a ugly gap between the right and left jaw lines ..... I have been scratching my head on how to fix that and after searching my trash/spare box ... did something like so ------ 

kinda neat... I was thinking of just using some plate to make a boxy feel to it .. but glad i for that piece of curvy thingy .. 

And I put in some more teeth on the thigh ... Complete with gum line ... it feels more natural to me ..

Alright, that;s it for now.. hope you guys like it ... pls stay tuned.... thank you

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Featured Modellers Chapter 3.2: Decay's Kshatriya

Hello dear readers. Once again, I have the honor to proudly feature and present one of my close friend's work. This friend of mine goes by the Name of Decay, the Decaying Scratch-builder.

Special introduction won't be necessary as you all know the amazing works of Decay and you probably have seen his previous work. In any case if you haven't seen it, here is a flash back to his The-O.

This is , for Decay, nothing more then a relaxed built. But it would not be exaggerating to call him a great modeler as you can see from the photos. Let's see what he said about his own build, shell we -

'' I have to say this was a fun built, but I would still prefer a plastic kit over a resin, simply because I did not dare to mode this.
Another thing is that while I was taking the pictures, I was so scared to move it because once the wings are on it, it becomes very heavy and puts a lot of pressure on the legs. This is also the reason I glued it to the base. ''

There you go. This was the first kit that he used Revell Aqua colours, which are basically acrylic color from model company Revell and he said those revell acrylic works pretty well. ( I can vouch on those paints as I use them myself ).

He used them with both his airbrush and brush. He said that this kit is about 50% hand painted and that is the main reason he went for the Revell colors.

And he used hair spray technique to make those magnificent paint chips and weathering effects. And dang, those weathering are just too awesome.

Decay's skill has been noticeable in his scrathbuilding but even more so obvious in painting and weathering as he has spent the last 20 years, modeling and painting figures. No surprising his touch on this kit is no less then awe-inspiring. I am proud to feature the works of my dear friend and a value member of MAC.

Let's move on to the pictures shell we ??

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

There you go. I hope you guys like this kit as much as I do. If you are interested, you can check out the discussion in the thread on MAC.

Or if you simply wanted to see more of Decay's works, here is the link to his BLOG.

Thank you all for reading. Hope you have a enjoyable read. Stay Tuned for more.


Build Off - Kamm Vs Decay

Hello party people. I terribly sorry to post this belated event but, to my own silliness, I completely forgotten about it. My bad.

Right, before anything ... let me just post this banner I shamelessly ripped from Decay's blog

Yep... That's right, its a build off between legends of MAC. I dobut there is a need to further introduce Kamm as you all would know him as the Hand Painting Assassin. His Works have been featured on my blog and Don's blog so , if you kindly let me, I will skip the intro about Kamm. ( Sorry kamm buddy.. haha )

Right, I haven't featured Decay as much as Kamm, so here's a summarized info about him -

  • Decay has been modelling for over 20 years
  • only started working on Gunpla for a mere two year
  • Decay was only scarcely active at figure FM once
  • he became an active member of MAC as soon as he register
  • He now hold the VIP status in MAC
  • And best of all, A very very very good friend of mine.
Right, Kamm and Decay has decided to work on 1/144 Sazabi and they will be tackling this in their own way. Kamm is going for a (quote from him ) a stealth jungle, fast and quick weapon theme ..... and believe you me, he's making a terrific job on this. Decay, he's working a space themed, weathered kit. Both of them are making their own version of the Sazabi but Kamm is keeping, more or less, to the original sazabi looks while Decay is pimping out new designs like crazy. And both have agreed to finish this by the end of October.

An awesome awesome build off between the Legends of MAC. The handpainting assassin, pushing himself to scratch build VS the decaying scratch-builder, A man with great scratch building skills. With those great modelers, this build-off have no reason what-so-ever to not to be awesome. Who will you support? The hand painting assassin that have been making beautiful hand painted models OR the Decaying scratch-builder that have been making magnificent modding and scratch build to his models? 

Choose a side..........

Here is the link to the Build off thread at MAC forum - 

In case you are wondering about the individual works of kamm and decay - 

There you go.

Hope that was a good read for you guys. Stay Tuned for more.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Apocalypse at MAC: 3rd Horseman Famine WIP 6

Alright guys ... as promised, here is a small update I did on the famine ...

I was kinda losing my gunpla mojo in the past few days ... but since the EUGC is getting near... I got my mojo back again.. and here I am, working again.. :P

alright... on to the update ...

right, The first thing I did was I cut off those little things on the cheek...
Posted Image
I had to do it cos I had to prepare the mouth for my forthcoming works on the face .... more teeth.. more fearsome.. haha

oh, speaking of teeth.... I made a new set of mouth ...

Posted Image
I made the upper teeth first and then the lower teeth
Posted Image

and I put that mouth on the shoulder like so ..

after that, I moved on to the Gun that I recently just got an idea how to do so...
and here it is .. -
Posted Image
obviously, judging from this pic, you can see that the barrel is foldable.. just like the orginal sword of the Astrea ..

and I bulk up the barrel .. make it '''barrels '' as you can see... and glued some stuffs here and there ...
And I made those two plates as you can see in the photos ..
Posted Image

The purpose of those plates can be seen from this photo
Posted Image
I was inspired to do this by some pre-made weapon I see on the NET... I cannot remember which though ...

and some more angle shot of the gun

Posted Image
Posted Image

Right, that's it for this update ... Stay Tuned for more