Sunday, 5 October 2014

A peek inside the box - Trumpeter 1/35 T-80BVD

When the T-80BV was announced by Trumpeter, I just can't help but be drawn to it due to its amazing looking turret set up. Something stayed my hands in getting it and so I waited and then suddenly, trumpeter released the T-80BVD. Being a guy that wants to go for the kit most people won't buy, I had to get my hands on the T-80BVD as it was obvious nobody even did any reviews ( as far as I have checked, I could be wrong).

For this one, I just can't find any inbox review or anything of the kind and I know people would be curious so I decided to do a inbox peek for this particular one.

 little information about this particular vehicle - Trumpeter name this as th T-80BVD but that is only half true. This is Basically a Ukrainian T-80UD with a Russian T-80BV ERA layout. The Engine deck and the external fuel tanks positions are from the Ukrainian T-80UD as well as the snorkelling device as some are aware that the snorkelling device on the russian T-80s are much larger and look different ( evident on the B, BV and U). A quick search on Armorama forum tells me that this is basically a kind of prototype the Ukrainian did which leads the development to the UD.

As you all know, I'm one of the guys who don't give a damn about how a side skirt of a tank is 2mm too short or too long or blah blah. So, I will just keep this as a look of what is inside the box and some very obvious pros and cons of the kit.

First we have a rather bad looking box-art. Why the artist decide to show the back, I will never know. Probably to point out the two fact I just made. 

That box is wide and a typical 1/35 model box and normal Trumpeter's boxes thickness.

And then we have the manual, the colour guide and the usual sheet of a catalogue page showing the new releases -
Here are the sprues of the entire kit -

Sprue A -
Sprue A contains mostly the road wheels and the return rollers and there are a total of 4 sprues of them.

There is no Sprue B in the kit so Sprue C -
There are 4 of them and consists mainly of the Suspension arms and other stuffs.

Sprue D -
Sprue D is for the idlers and the fuel tanks.

Sprue E-
Sprue E contains some of the ERA blocks and the two cable hooks.

Sprue F -
Sprue F , as you can see clearly, contains the gun along with the hatches and the transmission cover.

Sprue G-
Sprue G is for the lower part of the turret along with some bibs-and-bobs

Skipped again to Sprue L -
This sprue is for the external machine gun as you can see.

Then we skipped  to Sprue M -
Sprue M is mainly the ERA blocks along with the engineering blade.

and then, we have two little sprues of very rubbery stuffs ( or it could be rubber )-

Sprue S -
which is the un-ditching log and the mantlet fabric cover and mud flap. Why they decided to mould the log in this rubbery thingy, I have no clue.

Sprue W -
More mud flaps along with some parts dedicated for fabric stuffs like the spent casing pouch for external machine gun.

Then we have sprue X -
Here is the sprue for the fenders and the side skirts.

And then we have Sprue Y -
As you can see, it is the first half of the top hull along with some more bibs and bobs.

After that, we have Sprue Z -
Sprue Z contains the fuel tanks on the fenders as well as the storage boxes. ( I have to ask, do T-80 have fuel tanks on the fenders?)

And then, we have these three separate pieces, 
The upper half of the turret, the UD engine deck and the chassis. 

and as per Trumpeter, the most annoying parts of the kit -
the damn tracks. I mean, they are good but it's just so much work. the guide horns are moulded separately as well. I am not happy about that.

Then, we have three frets of Photo etchs and a metal cable and some generic numbers and a russian flag for decals -
Why they include a Russian flag decals on a Ukrainian prototype is way beyond me. 

And finally, we have the clear parts for the lights and scopes -
Since I will surely be building this kit, I opened up the bags and took some close up pics of the parts quality - ( just click on them. I arranged them to be smaller for spacing reason)
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

The Pros of the kit: numerous options for open/closed hatches, crisply moulded details, clear parts for sights, a rather unique vehicle, a kit for Ukrainian armour fans 

The Cons of the kit: a high part count at 1000+, a very high price of £59.99, as usual for Russian vehicle- gun cannot elevate, very complex kit; not made for beginners

If you are into unusual vehicles and a modeller who like to build non main-stream topics and subjects ( like me ) then this is one of the kit that you surely must have. Any fan of Russian machine will love this kit. 

This will definitely be a great addition to any shelves and I think I will be doing a full detailed wips very shortely.


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