Friday, 30 March 2012

MG CrossBone Full Cloth Ver H.Bird

Hello dear readers, Fans, seniors and peers of the modelling world.

Welcome to another finished product from the hummingbird.

Just yesterday, I just posted my finished AGF and now, I'm posting another one. I'm on a roll. haha, but seriously, life has been crap lately that it feels awesome to be churning out completed kits.

Actually the AGF ( Astray Gold Frame) was finished latest. The Xbone was already finished like 2 weeks ago. I was just lazy to have a proper shoot. More like I wasn't in a good mood, TBH. Anyway, Since I was taking photos for the AGF, I figured I would have a photoshoot using my models as ''models'' (LOL).

Again, This kit is for the MAC Forum 2012 contest. Again, this is a kit to practice and to improve my painting and finishing skills. And once again, yours truly made so much boo-boos on this one ... ( What the hell is wrong with me???!!.. ).

Of cos, the chief motivator for this is Harry and of cos, Sneeper. Without their constant motivation and help, my painting and finishing won't be improving.

Nothing special to say about this kit except that it is OOB but with a custom colour scheme. The colour scheme is inspired by the greatest mecha (beside gundams, that is) of all time, the all powerful Gurren Lagann. I was browing around the net and I found a photo of a newly released toy of the G.Lagann and it hit me, '' I will paint the Xbone like the G.Lagann''. And here it is.

It is not perfect, yes, as you all know my painting and finishing skills sucks but I am glad this came out like it. I was aiming for a clean look but I changed my mind and I make the kit slightly weathered, to give it a slightly used feel.

I was having so much fun with the shooting that I took quite a lot of photos so be prepared to be bombarded by a massive amount of photos.

Here goes nothing - ( Please click on the photos for bigger view)








 I do apologize for dropping so much photos but I can't help it ... this is the most fun I have ever had taking photos and posing my gundams. I just want to share one form of creativity to the world, to my peers.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Again, thank you Harry and Sneeper (Steve) for the motivation.

And of cos, thank you to all those who read and who have always supported me. Now I can focus solely on the Legend again... Im thrilled to go back to it after taking a break.

Well then, I bid you good day/night and please stay Tuned for more.


  1. Solid job bro! Love the dark red and the overall pirate feel you get with the posing you did. Really well done.

  2. you really have some nice action poses there and the colorscheme is very unique in my opinion !