Friday, 22 June 2012

Why The Bird Has been InActive lately

Hello There Folks. I guess its about time I start explaining what's going on with my life and WHY in the hell I have been so inactive when it comes to modelling and blogging SINCE early April.

Well, folks, The answer is pretty Simple. Yours Truly has finally land himself a job. After being Jobless for 1 whole year after graduating in 2011, I have a job.

But don't get too excited, Its just a small time job. I got in a receptionist in a Branch of a Hilton here in London. Started from Apr 10 and I was swamped with training and full time that I couldn't even touch my models.

To make it worse, OR better, there was an opening for a night auditor position and I knew I had to take it when an opportunity arise. Sure a night shift really messes up my time table but as a night auditor, I get paid more and also, I can have a better position to put down on my CV. Not to mention, this can also secure me a good foot hold IF I wanted to venture out into the Finance field.

So basically, I had to leave my house at 9pm, get back home at 8 am and had to sleep and the circle continues. That is why I have been SOOO quite these days.

But rest assured, I haven't quite the hobby yet and yes, I still build and with the money coming in, I plan to build more.

In the mean time it's taking me to adjust to my working life, I sincerely apologize for my lack of activity and I hope you guys will understand and bear with me in this time of adjustment.
Thank you guys and love you all.


  1. nice gary glad to see you are doing well. I know it's stressful and difficult but at least things are stable now! looking forward to you getting back into building man!

  2. welcome back!

  3. Miss you bird. I just organized my first Resin kit to put together after a month or so of no Gundam....Warhammer minis are like crack!!!

  4. ha ha!! good news!! you have work!! XD

    good luck bro ..see you around.

  5. The virgin angel22 June 2012 at 15:52

    All the best wishes my brother. Make sure you take mulitivitamins and make up on sleep now that you're a vampire. Take care and more power! -tva

  6. 2nd that...all the best man and congratz.

  7. We're same... but i don't work at night :D

  8. Nigel Teh Tian Hong23 June 2012 at 23:08

    Good to hear news from you ^^ all the best