Thursday, 2 August 2012

2012... It has come to an end ..........

After  7 long months, The 2012 MECHA Contest is finally closed. With 5 categories , it is not surprising there have been lots of awesome masterpieces that were submitted for the contest in each Category. 

As one of the prize member of the contest, I cannot give my feedback until the official results have been released by the judges. We will do our best to proceed with the judging as quickly as possible so in the mean time, I would like to ask everybody who have shown interest, entered, supported to be patient. 

As you all are aware, there are tons of exciting prizes, just around the corner, waiting the lucky winners.What are those prizes..? Check out and visit '' THE MECHA LOUNGE '' to find out more. 

In the mean time, you can go and check out the entries yourself, by going to the ''Mecha Lounge'' 2012 contest submission PAGE

To peak your curiosity, let me share what one of our judge and admin of Mecha Lounge, an awesome modeler who goes by the name of DECAY, the decaying modeler, has done - 
Entries of the Diorama Category

Entries of the OOB Painted Category

Entries of the Modified Category

Entries of the Concept Category

Entries of the Resin Category

As you can see, there are a tone of cool stuffs submitted and I hope everybody involved in this is as excited as our ML staffs and the judging team.

To all behalf of the ''ML ADMINS AND STAFFS'' ...

WE thank you all!! Thank you so much for overwhelming love and support!!


  1. one of our judge and admin of Mecha Lounge? I spent quite some time on the pictures and you don't even call me by name? cough Gary please :(

  2. geez.. what is wrong with people these days ?? it was a typo.. I was going to type ''decay'' but I forgot in the thick of it .... sheesh...

  3. great update to the end of the contest gary my friend! thank you for plugging this event and your support throughout the whole thing! and thank you for participating bro!!!