Friday, 12 December 2014

Dual speed-build: KV-5 and JS-4 - Part 3

Right. Time to update this. Last time, I stopped at putting paint on the KV-5. Let's carry forward from that.

Following the highlights and shadow on the whole vehicle, I pin wash with the colour '' Burnt Umber '' and used Naples yellow, Cobalt blue, white, Vandyke brown and a very small black oil to blend all the colours in and this is what I got -

After this, I weathered the running gears and tracks but I didn't take any picture of that stage so please look forward to them on the launch post.
Done with the KV-5, I moved on to the JS-4.
I bought Painting Guide for AFV by José Luis Lopez Ruiz and after reading the book cover to cover once, I decided to apply the unique Black and White technique and this is what I got -

After that, as instructed by Jose in his book, I misted my own mix of green on it and voila -

I messed up the mix so I had to mist another layer of green as my first layer was too yellowish -

I wasn't happy with the green I had to apply another pure green to blend all the colours. I put on too much green on top of the B&W so its kinda not that obvious anymore but you can still see the effect -

By this point, I have also painted the on-board tools.
After that, I applied decals; the Russian red star and my birth year -

By this point, the JS-4 has already been given a pin-wash of Burnt Umber and I used the same set minus Vandyke Brown for the oil dot filtering.
After that I painted the machine gun, painted the unditching log and chipped and weathered it a little bit which will be shown on the launch post.
So this is it. This wip has now come to a close. Thank you guys for reading and the supports. Please look forward to the finished kit posts.


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