Thursday, 2 April 2015

What is going on with my life now......

 Good day to you all dear readers.

I may not be a great modeller or a world famous one but I know for a fact that I do have my fans and the dear readers who read this blog and support all my modelling works. For my dear readers and fans, I make this post to tell you guys what has happened to me.

For the time being until god knows how long, I am stuck in Burma. For those who do not know where Burma is -
I had to leave the UK unfortunately. I was successfully in getting into a PhD programme and without it, there was no other way for me to extend my stay in the UK ( curse the tories and their taking away work permit visas and Tier-1 Post Study work) so I had to go back to my country, Burma.

All my models are left with my sister ( who is fortunately a British citizen )  who have kept them safely in big boxes, ready to be shipped to any country we both migrate to.

I have given up on the hobby, oh dear god no. My models are my babies, my models are my strength, part of my life. I could never give up.

But I am in a country that is forsaken by all kind of deities and modelling of any kind is nearly impossible so I won't be able to do anything modelling wise while I am in this country.
So my dear readers, please do not be alarmed if I am not putting out built model kits during the time I am in Burma. Although there is a few kits I need to publish that I finished before I had to leave so there will be some posts about them but I guess that's that. After that, it will be quite on my blog sadly.

So please bear with me while I am stuck in this country and once I migrate to another country ( I'm eyeing at Australia or Canada among the targets ), I will be building with the same energy I used to build.

Thanks for being so supportive of me during my time in London and please look forward for more.


  1. Gary keep your head up my brother from another mother. i miss our conversations and mostly our lost forum.......i hope life in burma doesnt get you down so much my friend! i know you will find your place and calling in life my friend. Dont be a stranger my friend.

  2. Antomar Barbosa15 May 2015 at 02:44

    Amazing work! Great "history" idea!

  3. Antomar Barbosa16 June 2015 at 13:19

    It was sad... Good luck HB and The Force may be with you!