Saturday, 14 May 2011

CONCEPT MECHA: UBA AW-01 Bandula - Part 4

on to update.....

i was working on the beak and i got this idea and started turning it into reality... First of all, I salvaged a part from the HG S-gundam and turn it into something like so -

Posted Image

That part was somewhat angled and wasn't flat so, i used my ''shaping by stacking'' to flat that part out .... the reason to flatten it out can be seen in the next photo ..
As uausl, i want to make my WIP, step by step and detailed, i combined every step on the next photo... i guess the whole explanation in the photo will be enough...
Posted Image

right, that's the beak done... i just need to put in some cylinderical part to use as optical devices ( and yes, this idea is taken from the apache)

Due to my friends support, i am now brave enough to put in pilots and a cock pit and instrumental panel ...

this is the panel which is in the front
Posted Image

And this is the, eh, plate between the two pilots and the panel for the 2nd pilot
Posted Image

I couldn't actually find any figure of a pilot in a 1/48 scale so i bought the cheapest i could find

These are the figures -
Posted Image

and yeah,, they are padres and indian... gonna make the padres pilot a mech just like in a anime,, LOL ... like the gang said, i have godly pilots.. :P

and the next step, i cut off the figures from the shoulders and they are gonna go in like this -
Posted Image

of cos, i have to sculpt the figures and give them helment and blah blah blah.. those steps, of cos, will be in the next update...
Oh yeah, i forgot,, due to the placement of the shoulders, i decided to close that rear component..

Stay tune.... and Thank you very very much


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