Saturday, 1 September 2012

A little something that Got into my mind!!

Hello Ladies And Gents.

Forgive me, as usual, for the lack of update on the blog as my rota has been a complete crap since the start of the olympic and I just don't get enough day off and so on , so forth; life catches up, you know.

Anyway, A little funny thingy happend today then I got to thinking and I figure I might as well blog about it.
Right, to say, what I want to say what's on my mind, I need to go in to deails.

About 5 months ago ( I think 5 months, maybe even more) , I unexpectedly aqquire a student, an apprentice, who goes by the name of LunarWorks ( check out his blog here ). He HAD a great deal of potential and being a sorely modding man myself, I couldn't help but comment and give feed back on this works and from then on, he regarded me as his sensei/teacher and we have been good comrades ever since, he asks me for ideas, I ask him for ideas and so on.

But, like everybody ( you, me, and alll the other great modelers), since he was just started modding, his works was not that good-looking, messy just like me  ( which I still am, LOL; yes, I admit it ) and his paint work is even worse, ( no offense Lunar, but I'm trying to make a point here ). Luckily, he aquired another Teacher, by the name of Harry ( one of the estemmed Admin over at Mecha Lounge), who is a superb painter with more then 5 years of modelling/painting experience, ( Harry was just in and out of building models but he's one awesome builder ). Since Then, Lunar's skill have rockted to the point that he has Surpass me ( no kidding )

And currently, he is having a build-off with another member within our forum ( you can check out the build-off thread here ) and as usual, he comes to me, to talk, feed-back etc, and today, he tagged me on the update photos on Facebook. Being a fan of his works, I always see if he has made any update on the forum and I have already checked his works on Mecha Lounge, So I dropped a Wall post on his profile to say that I am aware of it.

A few hours in the evening, a mutual friend of ours ( I will not say who as This post is not for attacking him or anybody at all ) came in and commented ''' Student Surprassing Teacher''. I was quite confused and kinda annoyed that he has to say such a thing, in a way that sound like he just wanted to offend me. Its probably is the Wording of his comment or probably my own misunderstanding but the truth, I do not know as I havn't actually talked to him directly about it yet.

Anyway, what he said made me think; I was thinking about it the whole way on my way to work. I am happy that my student/pupil/apprentice ( whatever you want to call him ) has surprassed me. I have noticed it as well and to be painfully honest, I am so happy.

I am a nobody, nothing in life nor in the modeling world. I cannot paint a decent job, I cannt build kits as tidy and clean as I hoped, if people like DC23, toymakers are at level 99, I am at 6-7, max. But, the knowledge of actually passing down my skills ( whatever level they amount to)  to somebody and see that somebody really grow and level up really makes me happy.

To me, modelling is a passion, more so then a simple Hobby. My life is not settled, I may have to take a long break or even quite the hobby as a whole as things stand. Before, I always thought I am gonna leave something I can be proud of IF I had to quite the hobby; I was thinking about leaving some epic work like Julius Lim Mk-II FA or something. But now, I realized, its my pupil.

I mean, to give a nameless modeler like me a chance to become his teacher, a chance to help him is a great thing he did for me. ( Think about it, any normal person would want somebody like DC or Toymaker or Erix98 to be their teacher ). Back in high school, my home room teacher talked about how teacher geniunely wants their pupils to be better then they are, to know even more then they know, and that they will always be proud of their pupil. I realize it now what she was talking about.

To be honest, I was like '' WTF??'' when I saw the comment but like I said, I had some thinking time, did some thinking and I realized, how damn happy I am. Student surprassing teacher will always happen ( just look at Naruto, he's even more powerful then Jiraiya now ) and I am damn proud of my student making superb mods and taking over the mantel. And I want him to grow more, that's why I just set up a Show-down build between me, him and another master Scratch builder, ( no other then ) ThelmosEngine. ThelmosEngine is like me, when he mods, he always think about functionality and purpose in the mods and design he does. Lunarworks is also following in that direction, as evident from the latest update he made on the Spallow.

All in All, this '' little something that got into my mind'', guys, is that I am so happy to have a pupil that have the potential to surpasss me and I am proud, as a teacher, that he has been making kick-ass Mods and also, thank you so very much Lunar, for giving me a chance to be your teacher.

Thank you so much and keep on churning out these great works, Lunar......

and Thank you, dear readers, for always supporting me, my works and my blog posts.
and also, Please do check out LunarWorks blog and give him your supprots as well. Thank you..

As usual, Stay Tuned for more


  1. Hows it going Birdy! Lunar works is doing a great job and improving greatly. It saddens me to say this but I cannot accept any of your complements to my straight build skills. I am not as good as you might think or even 1/100 as good as Id like to be. Secondly, I did not think you would be offended by my comment about "surpassing" because he has first of all not quite surpassed you yet and 2nd because it was meant to represent the speed at which he is advancing. He will be better than the both of us very soon; and that is what the point was. It was not meant to discredit your skills or teachings at all. Within the next two years Lunar will be amongst the well recognized modelers in the world if he continues to learn and improve at his current rate.