Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Winners of the 2012 Contest: Congrats to all the Winner!!!!

HELLO ALL ... and All HELLO ......

Welcome, yet again, to another one of my blog post. You guys must noticed why I have been postings a bit more actively then I used to be since I started working. The thing is, our hotel is changing company and the new company doesn't block bloggers, forums and some stuffs. And by 3 AM, I have nothing else to do so I have been blogging happily.. haha... ANYWAY,

I blogging today to announce the winner lists of the 2012 Mecha Contest. There have been a massive load of entries and everybody really gave their best and all of their works are beautiful. I don't wanna bore you guys out with my mumbling so, without further ado, I present to you, the Winners list :

2nd: Enderwiggen - RG ZAKU II (LINK)
3rd: Caylen - 1/72 Armored Messiah (LINK)

1st: Mr gav - MG Sazabi (LINK)
2nd: Vanz - MG Zaku Cannon (LINK)
3rd: Blublek Studio - MG unicorn(LINK)

1st: Ogami - EVA-02 - The beast (LINK)
2nd: Substance - SMS 1/35 - Guerrilla Reconnaissance Unicorn Bust (LINK)
3rd: Vanz - MG 1/100 RX-78 GPO4 GERBERA resin kit (LINK)

1st: Ogami - EVA-02 - The beast (LINK)
2nd: Shiro11 - Char's Counter Attack Diorama (LINK)
3rd: ijoezel - Snow Bug Diorama (LINK)
1st: Dumpling - Sky Shrimp (LINK)
2nd: Enderwiggen - Junkbot (LINK)
3rd: Mokanaman - Hermóðr 'the messenger (LINK)

Here is a little video made by Kamm and Sneeper's to announce the winners and explaning how the prize system works -

And, I asume you all know about this already , the prize list doesn't stop there. Lets go on with the contributors choices -

Kamm's pick:
Aor or Die; Scratch build Jaguar -winner of a MG GNX (LINK)

Steve's pick:
Side out ; MG Zeta plus C1 custom -winner of MG Epyon (LINK)
Lollipop ; Custom Acguy -winner of Zoids Sabre Tiger red (LINK)

Hummingbird (yours truly) picks:
Tigrillo ;  custom 1/60 Exia-winner of  1/35 Leopard tank (LINK)
Kyoshiro21 ; custom color scheme MG Duel Gundam- winner of 1/35 chieftan tank (LINK)
P3TB ; MG GPO3 Diorama- winner of 1/35 Patton tank (LINK)
Substance ; MG Unicorn custom color- winner of 1/35 Sherman tank

Tember Gundam's pick:
Mafo127 ; Mg OO gundam with resin conversion for XN raiser- winner of RG Aile strike (LINK)
P3tb ; Mg GP03 custom color- winner of the Mg wing gundam ver KA (LINK)

AOR or DIE's pick:
Berst ; custom Kitbash Gelgoog/ kshatriya- winner of Neograde Sinanju kit (LINK)

SLIVER, I.M.P.A.O, DERX074, Angelsora, A.yue, galland, gunplanut, retroboy, Meadeslemicah, Blueturtlegirl76

And here is a little video from ''the'' master Mrozeks -

And another video from Gunplameister -

Well, There you go ... You have the entire list of all the winners and contributors choices. I hope all of you enjoy the contest as much as we have.

Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

Stay Tuned for more.


  1. big thanks to the bird for pluggin and showing the contest on your blog!! i appreciate it gary!! thank you so much.