Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hasegawa 1/72 VF-11B ThunderBolt

Hey guys .... Welcome to another finished product of the Bird ...
Ever since I have started working, I just have no more time to produce kit as I have done so in the past so there hasn't been any kit launched from me since like April. Sorry about it.

I tried to squeeze what amount of time and energy I have left to finished this as it was a gift from a dear and close friend. And that friend is not other then Mr. Steve Santos AKA sneeper1980. He was kind enough to send it to me in surprise so I figure I might as well make good work out of it.

Nothign special about this just a quick Fun work ( actually took me about 5 weeks :/ ). Followed some shading method I saw on FloryModels forum and used FloryModels pigment, FloryModels Washes, MIG Pigments and MIG wash. Everything has been painted with Tamiya Acrylic. The colour Scheme is my own custom and a mix of almost everything that was within my sight LOOL.

The weathering is done in a sense that it has been going through one missions after another that it has become fairly dirty. The jets from the Macross universe are really fast so I figured paint fades would be quick and not to mention they can transform so they can and will get weathered pretty much. I added some black soot on the thrusters on the Dorsal (back) side. I added some dust effects as well on the Dorsal air intake and some amount of fading and weathering effect on the large main air intakes. (I am a SUPER noob at Aircraft )

I hope that everybody will like it. I tried my best to make this kit as good as it can get but I still made some boo-boos but nothing I can't improve on in the next build. And most importantly, I hope Steve will like this as I will be sending this back to him as a gift along a 1/48 P-51D Mustang (I've already bought the Mustang Steve, I will not take no for an answer ) ...
so as usual, here are the photos - enjoy

Thank you all for viewing and thanks in advance for the support and most of all, Thank you Steve for the kit .. It was a fun build.



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