Monday, 3 December 2012

And here we go again with another BIG event !!!!

Hola People ... Welcome to another post from the Bird ...

I have good news.. Great news infact ...

As you know, Kamm ( Our esteemed and man-love hungry Admin ) always have a knack for coming up with exciting stuffs like the EUGC ( please prefer back to my posts about it ) and the 2012 Mecha Contest that was just finished; successfully with loads of people participating, just a few months ago. And now, the said esteem admin has came up with another idea and after discussing within the Staffs of Mecha-Lounge, we are happy to announce a new and big event for year of 2013.

After a back-and-forth debate of naming, we have come up with this title, C.H.A.O.S, which is the abbreviation of -

Collectively Hoarding Astronomically Over-priced Styrene

Here is the background theme thought up by Kamm -

The world plunges into war as the fight for resources becomes too great. As chaos descends upon humanity two factions were formed those who would choose to inhabit the air and space, those who would choose to inhabit the land and sea. The colony's prepare for what will come to be known as the Great War, in which only one colony will survive and lay claim to Earth's resources. We would like you to choose your side and build your own personal war machine for the Great War and aid your colony to victory.

And the Rules are as followed -

GROUNDED COLONY             OR                 SKY COLONY

- First choose your side (Grounded or Sky)
- You may build any kind of model kit for your chosen side for example. You may choose the Grounded Colony and build a Zoid, Gundam, Tank, Boat, Figure etc.
- All we ask is you try to paint / modify / build your model kit to match your chosen Colony. E.g. for the Sky Colony you may build your model with numerous thrusters etc.

- This is not a competition. This group build is for fun and we will be announcing prizes for lucky winners and participants throughout the event! We want to encourage everybody to take part regardless of skill level and just have fun together. You may build models for more then one colony and again this event allows for almost any kind of build so if your looking for an excuse to work on your back log! now is the time.

- Deadline will be January 1st 2013 - June 30th 2013
- You can enter More then one model into the group build and dioramas are accepted!
- Prizes will be announced during the GB to keep the excitement rolling.

So what will it be!? who will you choose to fight for? and what will you choose to fight with!? (more information will become available over the next two weeks)

So there you go. Since this is kinda like a Teaser announcement and we still have more process and bugs ( to coin a phrase) to iron out, I can only release this much information so I do apologize in advance but I will keep you all posted.

BUT here's something you guys need to know -

This GB is not limited just to Gunpla ( and gundams) and mecha, this GB is given life so that all kind of models  ( plamo, mimi, figure, gunpla) and all kind of modeller can have a good time, kick back and enjoy, share their build and , most of all, to have fun. I wouldn't even be building any gundams ( fingers crossed) as I have a huge backlog of Tanks and this is the perfect excuse I have been waiting for.

We hope to bring all kind of modellers together to have fun while in the mean time, share techniques as well. Basically put, this GB is made to '' SPREAD THE LOVE OF Astronomically Over-priced Styrene WHICH WE CALL MODELS '' .. lol .. 

So even if you are a tank modeller, a car modeller, a ship modeller, a mini-figure ( wargaming modeller ) or a plane modeller, gundam modeler etc. etc...  doesn't matter what as long as you build models, Join us ... Join our GB to spread the love and most of all to have fun ...

The friendly and dedicated staffs and equally awesome  members of Mecha-Lounge await your participation.... lets have some fun ...

Now, CHOOSE YOUR SIDE ( Im going to the Ground team, btw )

Would you like to know more ??? Simply click on the image below and it will take you to the forum thread -


oh and here is a teaser ...



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