Monday, 13 May 2013

1/35 Tamiya JGSDF Type90

This kit is only available from Tamiya in this scale. It was released some time around mid 2008. Only a few years old and a very sound kit, albeit with a little bit of inaccuracies ( as usual ) but nothing that is not worth complaining about.

The tank is a 3rd-gen Japanese made Type-90 Main battle tank. You can see more informations about this gal on wiki ( Link - )

The colours I used all from tamiya. I used JGSDF Green ( yes, there is a colour for it ) as a base-coat and JGSDF Brown and a mix of White and Deck tan as the camo patterns.
And Like the various tanks I did, after I have satisfied with the coat, follows a massive bombardment of gloss, flat, filters and washes.

I wanted to put it into a scenario when the JGSDF ( Japanese Ground Self Defense Force ) goes into heavy exercises and training after the heightened threat level imposed by North Korea. By the time the North Koreans were all '' Imma nuke y'all '', it was spring and hence, the snows are starting to melt and the training range is muddy with the melted snow. I wanted to capture that so I put in both snow and muds onto the model.

The white patterns are not exactly real life camo pattern as well but rather a what-if, as I thought it would look much better and stand out among other models of the same kit.

For the snow effects, I only used a small amount of game workshop snow effect stuffs and relied heavily on the Deluxe Materials scenic snow kit. The grains are a bit large but at least, these come in proper spherical grains.

This is my 3rd time figure painting and my very first try to wash the face with a flash shade wash. Many thanks to Dead2death and Decay for the great advice.

The only thing I am not happy about this one is that stupid me forgot to get rid of the flash(mould lines ) on the freaking figures. I was so bent on painting them and the god-damned uniform that I forgot to get rid of the flash. Curses. Oh,well, what's done is done, I just have to be more careful on my next figures.

The figures were also painted in tamiya colour but for the skins, I used Vallejo Model Colour ( or was it Panzer Aces?? I forgot) which are much more easier to paint than tamiya flash followed with GW wash.

I'm not sure If I did good or not I loved how it looks myself. I put down even more of the methods I learn on this gal and it was well worth it.

But enough chit-chat .... Its time for the photos -
Lets start with some walk-around, profile views


As per usual from me, I broke this gal down to separate albums as well-
Here's the MUD -
Link to the Full album here -

I decided to put on only a small amount of chipping along the side skirt from the vehicle going around in forests and such-

Link to the Full album -

I also took some close up shots of the the Various sights/lenses and the onboard tools -

Here is the some shots of the various snow stuck in areas and parts on the hull and turret -

oh and here are the two figures -
This is the Commander -
And this is the Loader -
You can Clearly see the Flash that I forgot to remove ....

And some bibs and bobs of different angles photos I shot just for fun -
AND as usual .......... '' BANG '' 


And That covers all I have done.
I know I am not a pro and I still have much to learn but I really love how this looks and really enjoy knowing how much I can apply what I have learned these past few months. I'm really happy to add this in my list of finished kit.

and as always, I could not finish this without the support of my great friends and peers and comrades. Your supports are much appreciated.

Thanks for looking. C&C and feedbacks are welcomed.


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