Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mecha Modelling Guide Book : Apology for the delay

If you may all recall, I made a post about a Mecha Modelling Guide Book ( click here if you forgot ) that my friend and his associate are working out to publish. The kick starter program was fully funded through the generous donations of the the Gunpla modelling community and I would like to extend my gratitude (in my friend's stead) to those great guys out there.

Publishing is going as planned but things are a little bit complicated in the editorial part as Monoeye Publishing has to sort out a good 40,000 pictures and other texts and bits and bobs and not to mention a lack of manpower. As a publicly or rather, a community funded projects, there will definitely be bumps on the round and there will be a delay in the actual released. Monoeye Publishing asked me to convey their deepest apology for the delay and ask those who have donated or looking forward for it not to be disheartened. They are working on it even as we speak and the earliest estimate the book will come out will be around the end of July and the latest would be early August.

However, Monoeye Publishing has showed me a sample book and it is shaping up pretty nicely and yes, I have seen ( via skype video call, of cos) the sheer amount of photos, data and editorial stuffs that they have to go through. So, rest assured,  you all will be having your money's worth when this finally come out. Monoeye Publishing and I would like to ask you all to be just a bit more patient.

If you don't believe me, you can check out this video as well -

Thank you sooo very much for the donations and support for this big project and we ask you to be just a bit more patient.

Thank you for understanding and please stay tuned for more updates.


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