Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 1

Hello, dear readers.....

Welcome to another Work in Progress blog post of the hummingbird. As you all have already know, the MAC forum is hosting a super massive fun-filled contest and as one of the sponsor of the gifts and as a passionate modeler, not to mention a loved patron of MAC - yours truly have to participate in it too.

The kit I will be using for this entry is the No-Grade 1:100 Legend Gundam. I really love the Legend, the way it looks and everything.

Right here is the Entry Pass for the 2012 contest and let the modding begins -
This is the two parts I have to sacrifice .... it was worth it as 1/144 are valueless to me ...
These are two upper arms of the 1/144 deathscythe and next, I turned them into something like so -
by the power of pegs and super-glue .. .let there be '' joints ''
moving on .. I have to have pegs for the joints to connect to ... so first of all, cut those off

again, sacraficing the HG deathscythe .. I got those two parts
and after 45 mins of thinking where to put on ... voila

Now,.. those little black pegs need a hole to go into right ?? Don't you worry... I got it covered ...
and it just can't be hold cos it would hold well, you know .. and hence ... I did this 
which , when dried, can give me this result 
Which in turn will let me able to do THIS 

It's still a bit rough and dirty as you all know I don't take pictures AFTER clean up .. I take pics along the building ... 

Well, this is all for now for this WIP .. Please Stay Tuned for More ....


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