Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 2

Hello Ladies and Gents... Welcome to another update from the Hummingbird

As you guys remember, I was working on the thighs and now, I moved on to the body -

The first thing I did was make two of those Ball-Cup boxes -

After that ... I build the Joint Mechanisms as you can see in the photos -

as you see.. I have used supports and precisely sized SLAB for that ball joint to be stable under cyclic loading

And for the Lower torso .. I made this -
The holes are where the pegs from the BALLs will go into 

Which, test fitted, will give me this kind of appearance - 
which in turn let me perform those movements -
Front to Back 

And side to Side 
I still have to bulk up the torso a little bit more ... probably 1mm plating all around should be fine.. And I have make make sure the gaps in the mods will stay close so there will be more plating in the work .....

Oh, I almost Forgot ... 
I cut off the back skirts as you can see in the photos ..... I had to cut out the little part in the middle to make sure installing the tiny ball joint goes smoothly 

Anyway, this is all for not and I will see you guys later in my future updates ...

Thanks for looking and Stay Tuned for more ...


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