Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 3

Greetings ladies and gents ... welcome to another update from the bird

Right, lets get it on ...

The first thing i did was make the back skirts individually movable

and after that, they can now move freely as you can see from the photo -
I also did a little up on the (eh, lets just call it the Femur) Femur. Basically, that joint is just so light that it can't support the leg weight when the legs are spread and the legs keep swiveling back in so I looked at them and found out it was the weight issue. Hence, to make sure the legs stop coming back in and to act as a counter-weight, I made these

Problem Solved. (note to all - if you are having some weight issue, two part epoxy is a very good product to use as a counter weight)
Right, moving on - I was looking at that kit and it was too tall. The Legend is roughly the same height as the Infinite Justice and after comparing, I found out the the legend is too tall and the legs are out of proportion. So I shorted the thighs -
Ok, Now, I would like to show you first my redesigned whole torso so that you can see what it actually looks like and I will break it down and explain everything.

If you can remember from my previous update, I made a double ball joint waist and there is a big massive gap between the torso so I had to come up with a re-design.

Here is the upper torso-

The upper torso was made in quite a simple way actually, I just had to glued those part accurately so that I can all blend in well smoothly ... no problems what so ever was faced ...

The tricky part was the Lower torso ( the waist)
Lets drop the picture first

Right, after putting the little walls around the ball to close the gap, I did a test fit and found out that the lower torso is so thin. Not only it was thin, there was an aweful lot of extreme movement (bending) as well, so I had to improvise.
How I did them was simply gluing plates on but as you can see in the pictures, I have explained how everything works.

And after much tinkering around, I got these results

Side to Side
and front to back
and finally, this is how the Legend looks with its new torso and thighs

much better and much more proportioned, don't you think ??

Well, that's all for today's update folks. Thank you all for reading. You have been an awesome audience.

Stay Tuned untill the next update....


  1. Thanks man..... much appreciated