Monday, 17 June 2013

WIP - 1/35 Dicker Max Part 6

Hello Gents ... Got a major update for you all - 

If you recall, I painted the interiors in my previous update. So with this one, I went about and did the chippings -

Apologies if this is hard to see, its hard to take photos of the inside. I followed advices given to me by great comrades and chose to paint the red-oxide and the outer colour on top, albeit a little bit lighter tone of Germany Grey. 
After that, I masked the open fighting compartment and I started to put on the last remaining finishing touches and some PE parts -First, I took care of the spare tracks -

I chose to leave only one spare on the vehicle as I want to show the spares have been used to fix the tracks under battle conditions.Next, I put on the exhaust - 

Followed by a little stand or something - 

After that, I put on the tow cables, it was a chore to do so, whew - 

I put up the fenders as well. I choose to use the Eduard fenders so that I can damage them.

And other bibs and bobs. Satisfied with all those, it was time for me to paint.I chose to paint this one in a contrast and saturation style like the set Life Colours offers but having no plan to waste time or money to buy a set, I just used Vallejo German Grey as a base and made lighter and darker tone from it.

Forgive the presence of the gravy ladle ( is that what it's called ?? ). I was painting in the kitchen, LOL.

Well, that's about it folks. All I need to do now is to filter, weather and the crew. 

Hope you guys like this update. Any tips, advice, comments and suggestions are very welcomed. 
Until the next update. Stay tuned for more. 


  1. Superb modelling

  2. wow nice work so far bro. The stuff you added and the paint job look very good.

  3. Looking good. Tape works fine as you have it, but next time it would be easier to use tinfoil over those tracks - much easier to get off without damaging them.