Monday, 25 November 2013

W.I.P Dragon 1/35 Nashorn - Part 2

Hey guys ... Got an update here ... 

Last time, I left off at the fenders so lets continue from that. 
I attached the fenders and put on the first base coat so that I can put on the Tracks ASAP -

After that, I painted the wheels, put up the tracks after that and painted them so that I can get it out of my way and concentrate on more stuffs -

After that, I started on the gun-
I honestly have no idea what this is called but this it the one that hold the barrel and goes into the cradle ( somebody please tell me what this is )

After that, the breech ( quite a lot of steps and parts just for that ) -

Followed up by the Muzzle brake -

the whole thing - 

I followed that up with a recoil cylinder -

Started building up the left armour-struts for the cradle -

and this is the right -

and this is the gun sight -

And if you are building this, be careful of this step on the left armour-strut 

D20 is supposed to go into the little hole where it says D-14 and D-14 is actually supposed to go into the the half-circle slot above D-7. I learned about the mistake the hard way so if you guys are building this, be careful of this.

And I moved on to some small bibs-and-bobs on the inside of the sides of the super-structure -

Also, if you are building this, be mindful of this step as well -

MA7 is a PE part and it's kinda situated very low and conflicting with M31 swing arc so you might want to move it up so that M31 can swing properly. But that's your choice.

And I will leave you guys at this step. I will keep you guys updated. 


  1. it might be called a barrel sliding block, it holds the barrel in place for recoil feedback after firing.... Maybe.