Monday, 22 September 2014

A peek inside the box - Trumpeter 1/35 German Fennek in Dutch Service

When this was announced, my interest in this peaked to its utmost level. I have a lot of love for German vehicles. I wouldn't be attracted to a 4 wheeled vehicles but there's something about this vehicle that is just so sexy that I had to buy it.

Like most of the stuffs I have reviewed, I don't really see too many inbox looks so I will do just that. 

As you all know, I'm one of the guys who don't give a damn about how a side skirt of a tank is 2mm too short or too long or blah blah. So, I will just keep this as a look of what is inside the box and some very obvious pros and cons of the kit.

First we have a rather normal looking box-art-

That box is wide and a typical 1/35 model box and normal Trumpeter's boxes thickness.

And then we have the manual, the colour guide and the usual sheet of a catalogue page showing the new releases -
Here are the sprues of the entire kit -
Sprue A -
Four of them which contain parts mainly for the suspensions.

Sprue B -
Sprue B , two of them, contains a bit more of the suspensions along with some parts for the seats.

Sprue C -
Sprue C contains most of the roofs and the engine bonnet along with the rear and front sides of the body.

Sprue D -
This include the dash boards and many hatches and doors found on the vehicle.

Sprue E -
This sprue contains the radio and some of the parts for the interior of the vehicle.

Sprue F -
Sprue F contains the windows frame, the main doors and the main sides of the body.

Sprue H -
This is just a small fret of clear parts for the windows, light and sights.

And last but not least, the PE Fret, the decals and the wheels -
Since I will surely be building this kit, I opened up the bags and took some close up pics of the parts quality -

The Pros of the kit: first styrene kit of this tank in this scale, numerous options for open/closed hatches, crisply moulded details, relatively low parts count at 400+, clear parts for sights, Full interior

The Cons of the kit: missing some details ( but these are minor ), a little bit soft details on some of the dials and interior equipment, no  tow cable, so many unused parts ( which I believe is for the German version), a very high price of £39.99 for a small recon vehicle, suspension is fixed at 90 degrees ( no option for turned wheel look), very complex kit; not made for beginners

If you are into unusual vehicles and a modeller who like to build non main-stream topics and subjects ( like me ) then this is one of the kit that you surely must have. Any fan of German machine will love this kit. Other who likes sci-fi looking vehicles will also be attracted to this one as well.

This will definitely be a great addition to any shelves and I can't wait to get cracking myself.


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