Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tweaking around with photoshop part 2

Hello Dear readers.

Again I apologize for the non-modeling related post.

This is another post about some of my works on photoshop....

Again, I am nothing more then an amateur in this but I had fun doing a bit of photoshop and I enjoy it as much as I'm working on my models ... so yeah, I just wanna share it ...

And this is another of one pic of my fav sister - 

And this is one of a beloved younger sister and one of the most beautiful of Burmese in London

The following two photos are those of my closest younger sister 

And this one if one of my best friends

Well, I was having some kind of block on photoshopping and i can only produce as much .... but i have been practicing and I would be able to yield more better photos ...

Until then, Stay Tuned....

Thanks for looking


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