Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Two Good News In One

Good news every one. Well, actually, two good news in one.

The first one is , Your truly here has got himself his very very first commission.

Yours truly will be Scratch Building this particular flight pack of the TR-1 Hazel -

The right, The Icarus Flight pack. I have been talking with the client and deals have made and this will turn out to be more then a simple commission. Due to client - modeler confidential, I cannot release that much info.

And the other good new is, The client has allowed me to submit the TR-1 with the Icarus pack into the 2012 Mecha contest ( hosted by MAC, naturally, of cos)-
Posted Image

I can at least release this, the client said time is not exactly an essence and allowed me submit the build into the contest. He allow it to wait until Jan and work on this and submit it in the contest.

Well, there you go, folks, two good news in one.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


  1. My friend this is where you'll gonna shine ahaha! I expect the result of all your practices come altogether as a huge and amazing project! Can't wait for you to start working on it!

  2. Good luck Gary, this is gonna be a the project to tackle and the one that will test your patience.

  3. Thank you so very much, mate ... appreciate the support, I really do

  4. Thanks tony ... you really help me as encouragement .. thanks man