Monday, 10 October 2011

Behold the Glory of the Zaku

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Who, in the world of gunpla, would not like the Zaku? The Zaku; the back bone of the Zeon Force, The Zaku; the physical definition of elegance, The Zaku; beautifull example of how powerfull a grunt suit can be. 

Join us as this year December 1st, MAC will be going on a Zeonic Front with this Group Build. Join us as we give proper respect and love to the always omnipotent Zaku.

One might think this just a simple Group Build among  like milions of Group Build before, but if you look at rule number 3 - that is something unique. We of MAC appreciate team-work; from comradeship to apprenticeship, as such We WANT You to cooperate with others, either be it some friends working on one kit or diorama, but also we want and advised our advanced modelers to participate and team up with junior modelers to provide guidance. Of course even modelers with a few kits under their belts can learn something new too so it will be a win-win situation. There is quite some time before start of this GB so you can look for partners and ideas.

The ZAKU GB will be up very soon. Gundam Guy of GGInfinite and DC23's will be sponsoring this sure fire fun Group BuildGundam Guy  will be sponsoring various HQOparts and mono eye lens for the winner and toolBOX23 will be sponsoring a Zaku set of HobbyMate energy aluminum cables.

A couple of teams have already  joined the ZAKU Group Build already. One of the team is made up of no other then the members of our Brother forum, GAF; Team Australia led by Hemish and Team Dubai consisting of such big shot as Oceansean. Teaming up is allowed in this Group Build, so I suggest you look for a teammate and join the fun of our ZAKU Group Build very soon. 

Not only that, Yours truly Hummingbird just started a team himself, called ''Spec-ops''. Our Team will be mimicking the real life special ops soldiers, like a group of commando, each with their own specialty. I will be building the Zaku Cannon, which is a ''Bombardment'' class and one member has confirmed his '' Melee Specialist''. So if you are interested in such concept, JOIN SPEC-OPs.

We have more than 43 participants for this ZAKU Group Build already!. A lot of renowned modelers have already confirm their participation in the Group Build; renowned modelers such as Matt Tomczek, Hemish, Tember Gundam, kriz, Kamm, DC23, Ciccio1-P8 and Eday! So do not get left behind in your little rooms! GB will start on December 1, 2011, so buy yourself some Zaku, start  your engines now and join our discussion in our forums, here is the link...


  1. luthfiansyah muhamad28 October 2011 at 01:01

    I'm the one confirmed being the Melee Specialist~ hehe~
    Hi, hummingbird, this is Lunarworks! I like your blog~!

  2. well, well well,,, look who it is ... LOL .. warm welcome to my blog mate... thanks for the support