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2012 Mecha Contest - FAQ



Q: Can I enter both the Zaku Group Buid & the 2012 contest if I start my entry
after January 1st? 

A: Yes! You can enter both. 

Q: Can I use a pre snapped kit prior to Jan 1, with no modifications?
A: Yes! We appreciate some modellers snap fit their kits when they get them. We do ask for a different approach when it comes to resin though please see rule 4.

Q: Can I work together with another modeller?
A: Yes you can! All we ask is that you clearly state you are building with another modeller as well as where the prize will be sent if the entry was successful. (Multiple prizes will not be awarded)

Q: Can I submit multiple entries?
A: Yes! Multiple entries are welcome but all must have been started after the 1st of January 2012. Please ensure you create an Entry thread for each of your entries. 

Q: Can I use the same kit I submit for one category (ie. Modified) and submit it in another (ie. Diorama)
A: Yes! You can use one kit for more than one category but the entry must adhere to the rules of the separate category, for example. Entry “A” was entered into Modified Plastic. This entry was then placed on a diorama which was started after January 1st 2012, this would be accepted.

Q: Can I use a pre painted kit that I repaint?
A: Yes! All we ask is that you provide us with an entry picture showing the model before the repaint. See rule 1.

Q: Can I include a base with any kit in any category?
A: No! The only category that includes a base is the Diorama Category. Your entry will not be accepted into any other category with a base. You may use an action base for posing your kits but we will only judge the model kit entered.

Q: Can I switch my prize for something else?
A: No! sorry.

Q: Do I have to keep a WIP of my entry?
A: If you are entering the CONCEPT category you must create a WIP thread. We encourage all members to create a WIP thread so that other members may contribute and encourage to your work.


Q: Can I use a pre snapped kit prior to Jan 1, with no modifications?
A: Yes! See rule 1. We ask that your kit has no changes.

Q: Can I use parts from non mecha kits?
A: Yes! When scratch building or modifying a kit we encourage participants to think outside the box. We only ask your kit remain in the “mecha” theme. See “Definition of Mecha” (above rule 1)

Q: Can I include accessories with my kit, do they have to be modified too?
A: Yes! You may use any accessories for your kits in this category. They do not have to be modified, just the model kit itself. Please see rule 6.

Q: Can my entry be all kit bash with no scratch building?
A: Yes! You may use parts from other models and you are not inclined to scratch build. Although we do encourage it.


Q: Can I pre-clean up the parts before Jan 1?
A: This subject is quite open in nature. We ask that your Resin kit be completely new with no clean up although we will allow entries that have minor clean up. Please see rule 4.

Q: Can I inventory and open the parts before Jan 1?
A: Yes! As long as the model kit/conversion remains in its original state of purchase.

Q: Can I use a kit that’s only pined together before Jan 1? No paint or clean up done.
A: Generally the answer for this one is no. But exceptions may be made. Please contact Kamm or Sneeper1980 see rule 1 and click their name.

Q: Can I include a base with my kit, if the kit did not come with one?
A: A base for your kit would place your entry into Diorama. But you may enter your model into both categories. Provided your diorama base was started after January 1st.

Q: Can I include a base with my kit if it was included in the kit? 
A: Depending on the base this would move your entry into the diorama category. Again if you are unsure feel free to ask one of the organisers. See rule 1.


Q: Can I use a pre snapped kit prior to Jan 1, with no modifications?
A: Yes! See rule 1. We ask that your kit has no changes.

Q: Can I remove seam lines?
A: Yes! You may clean up seam lines in fact we do encourage it a lot! Please do this after January 1st see rule 1.

Q: Can I add/remove panel lines?
A: No & Yes! The kit must not be changed physically by adding (such as scribing or aftermarket parts) but if you would like to fill in panel lines that is fine.

Q: Can I leave parts of the kit off? (example ankle guards, shoulder armor, etc.)

A: Yes! So long as the kit hasn’t been physically altered see rule 5.

Q: Can I leave sections unpainted?
A: This is obviously a tough question. We would like the majority of entrants to paint everything on their model but this might not always be the case. Refer to rules 1 & 5. And if you are still unsure please pm one of the organisers.

Q: Can I paint a base to go with my kit?
A: No! A base would make this kit a Diorama entry.

Q: Can I weather the kit to fit paint weathering? (chip edges, ad blaster holes etc.)
A: So long as the kit isn’t physically changed see rule 5. Then weathering via washes, paint chipping, pastels, pigments etc is completely fine.

Can I Mix unaltered parts from other kits? (Blasters, weapons, accessories)
A: No! This would make your entry a Modified Plastic Category

Q: Can I add lights or effects to my kit that do not alter the kits plastic?
A: If LEDs or other lighting effects are included with the kit you may use them. You may also use LEDs or other lighting if the kit houses such effects. You may not alter the kit to fit the previously mentioned effects.


Q: What does 70% Scratch Built mean?
A: For the concept category you must create from scratch ( This maybe using Plasticard (pla plates), modelling clay (Sculpting putty) or anything that will help you to create your masterpiece. After creating a WIP (work in progress) thread on the forum, if you are unsure please contact a member of staff.

Q: How do I know if my entry is 70% scratch built?
A: This percentage is a very loose way of creating your entry. You will be required to create a WIP thread on the forum and at any stage if you are unsure your entry does not meet the requirements you must contact an organiser. We will review your entry and give feedback immediately!

Q: Can I use parts from other models to create my entry?
A: Yes! But you must scratch build the majority of your entry. See rule 9.

Q: What if I create a diorama or base for my entry?
A: Your entry will not be judged on the base or diorama. 

Q: What if my entry isn’t 70% scratch built, would it still be accepted?
A: Exceptions may be made due to this category being so diverse. We ask you contact and organiser if such an issue should surface.

Q: What if I build my entry from designs or concept art not designed by myself?
A: This would be completely fine, we only ask you create a WIP (work in progress) thread on the forum to display your build progressing. Please see rule 9.


Q: Is there a size limitation on Diorama base entries?
A: No! There are no size limitations but you must provide use with enough evidence to show your started the entry after January 1st 2012. See rule 1.

Can I use multiple kits in my entry?
A: Yes! You may use multiple kits in your entry but you must provide sufficient evidence to show the models were started after the start date. See rule 1.

Q: What if my entry has Resin and Plastic kits? Is this allowed?
A: Yes! You may combine resin and plastic kits into your diorama entry.

Q: Can my entry have non mecha related model kits such as figures?
A: Yes! This is the only category where figures or models from other “genres” are allowed. We will be judging your entry based upon its mecha content and story.

What if my diorama has moving parts or lighting effects? Can we submit video evidence?
A: No! Unfortunately due to the number of entries we will receive the only way we will be able to judge your entry is via pictures. We hope this will be sufficient to showcase the best of your work.



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