Monday, 7 November 2011

2012 Mecha Contest - Prizes Update and Rules

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Right, let's get to business - Here are the Rules of the Great 2012 Mecha Contest Hosted by MAC -


Definition of "MECHA":
If you are unsure on your entry please feel free to pm "KAMM" or "SNEEPER1980" to clarify if your entry is valid.

1. EVERY entry must be submitted with a photo demonstrating the kit
was started after January 1st 2012. Use the "ENTRY PASS POSTER" available here: and (click spoiler for example)

- Kits can be snap fitted but no changes maybe done in the entry photo.
- Resin entries must not be completely clean (denubbing, sanding must be done after January 1st) although this is relative, exceptions may be made. Please do contact "KAMM" or "SNEEPER1980" to clarify if your entry is valid.

2. Contest will run until July 1st & you can enter more then one kit.

3. Any MECH style kit is allowed (if unsure please pm me or sneeper1980)
example: Zoids, Ma.k, Gundam, Robotech, Super Robot Wars, FSS, etc.

4. RESIN kits & RESIN conversion kits are accepted
- We ask that the kits are not completely cleaned (de-nubbed or sanded) but we will accept projects started close to the starting date. If we take issue with your entry picture we will contact you immediately to discuss your entry.

5. Kits that are UNCHANGED (physically) Such as Modifications or Physical Damage but are soloy painted belong in the "OOB PAINTED" Category. 
-Custom paint jobs are accepted. 
-Seam line removal is accepted. 
-Waterslide decals are accepted.

6. Kits that are changed from their original form (physically) such as modifications,
physical damage or Kit bashing belong in "MODIFIED PLASTIC" Category.

7. Kits that feature a base or diorama setting are to be placed in the "DIORAMA" Category. 
-Multiple kits may be used.
-Resin is accepted in this category.
-No size limitations (only we ask you provide evidence of when the diorama
was started. See rule 1.)

8. Resin kits and/or Resin Conversion that are straight painted or have been modified are to be placed into the "RESIN PAINTED/MODIFIED" category.

9. When entering the "CONCEPT" category. Entrants must follow the rules below:
- Kit must atleast be 70% Scratch built (judges can review and give feedback on this)
- Parts from other kits maybe used but ultimately the build must be scratch built by the builder.
- Entrants MUST create a WIP thread on the MAC forums giving pictures and description of there build
showing the "ENTRY PASS POSTER" (see rule 1)

10. When Submitting entries. Please see (example coming...)

11. If you have any questions please see the Questions posted below before asking. Thank you

Be sure to REGISTER at MAC to gain entry to this awesome contest 
If you want to read the FAQ, please refer to this blog post..... 

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Don't forget - You heard this first from the MAC forum

If you want to know more.. please visit the official discussion thread on the MAC forum


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