Wednesday, 2 November 2011

MG Perfect Gundam Ver H.Bird Part 8

Right, after a month of inactivity on this baby.. Work has been resumed ..... and here we go ...

First of all, I did this 
Posted Image
As you can see, I put in some exhaust for the smoke for the missile launcher, I know they are not perfect and kinda not identical but don't worry, I am planning to fix it anyway I can... LOL 

next is the cannon ... I was looking into it and I look very very plain and very very under-powered so I decided to up-gun it .... and I will show you step by step what I did ... 

Step 1 
I made the first base layout for the cannon barrel 
Posted Image

Do u see the round rods between each plates?
Posted Image

Those were added in so that I don't have to go through the tedious job of filling in the gap with putty... ( and It works )

Step 2 -
Added the sides of the barrel.. and just like the lower part.. the little ridges added by using the round rods 
Posted Image

Step 3- 
Closed the upper part ... added round rod in the gaps between the edges of the plates, and I got this ...
Posted Image

Next up... I did this for something that I have been planning ....
Posted Image

after making that little space.... I make this little device -
Posted Image

which can do this when an adapter is used -
Posted Image

Why this device you ask??? it is for this ..... ''BOOM ''
Posted Image

Test fit -
Posted Image

There you go... I still need to finalize the works ... still need to do some touch up on so many areas...

This is just the first process

oh and before any one else ''troll'', I got that idea of the inside of the cannon from the Virtue/Serevee's Bazooka ....

Thank you so much for reading and as ever, great appreciation for the support 

Stay Tuned guys... There will be more.. I promise


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