Thursday, 16 February 2012

2012 Mecha Contest Entry: Legend Gundam Part 6

Hello peeps .... Its about time I update this ... as I have been pretty low on Mojo these days... but here I am ... with another update ... and I hope I don't disappoint you guys ...

On with the update -
I extend the middle piece of the upper torso to cover the ugly front of the lower piece ...

the lower torso is, sadly, haven't been touched yet ...

Next thing I do was put on some detail platings on the shoulder ... BOTH FRONT AND BACK ... same shape on all four sides

I haven't actually cleaned the shoulders cos I am planning to do more ...

after that , I cut those those little things

And then these two slots

Combine them both and with a little bit more plate all around, I got these
You might be wondering why I did that and What they are ....
I will tell you why I made them later on in this post .. what they are ... well, they are part of the knee armour

Now that I got it, I have to now figure out how exactly should I place them ... after spending , I think 2 weeks, I got a idea and started cutting away immediately

By the power of Dymo tape ( labelling tape) let there be a accurate guide line on where to cut ..

A few more pain staking hours and got this ..
I drilled it out cos I need to install the MG knee armour mechanism

After that, I cut those two little strips

 and now, after spending quite some time, I figured out what I have to do ... so I started the inner of the legs for the mechanism to work

You will see the red circles.. I cut away some portions of plastics
Why I cut it away ...?? Because I need to do this -

Same things on the other leg as well -

The breakdown of the mechanism is as fellow

When knee joint is bent, the curvy knee armour attached to the knee joint will bent along... and by doing so, the lower part of the knee armour will move up along the slot I drilled on it ... thus, achieving this mechanism.

Doing these mods, allow the knee to acheive this

It was a pretty stressful 2 weeks trying to think how to make it work, but Im gland I thought of this ... I know this is not perfect But i really love it ...

Hope you guys will love it too ...

Until next update


  1. Gary get that mojo back! We got a build off to do! haha. Love ya mate, hope you get into it again soon. I love the knee mod seriously. I think those feet need cleanup though!

  2. Indeed here is hoping your Mojo will return. All the best :)