Friday, 10 February 2012

The start of a legendary tutorial

Hello and welcome to another blog post from the hummingbird.

First of all, I would like to say sorry for my lack of update on the blog, I have hit a wall and my mojo was just dropping, all time low.

Now, is a prime time to blog about a up and coming series of tutorials from one of he Legend of Decay ( you can argue about Decay's being the Legend of MAC as much as you like, but seriously, he is one ).

As you all know, Decay has decided to make an 3 hour long, fully detailed and fully explained tutorial on painting mini figures, such as those of the Warhammer series.

Here is the very first video that I speak of -

Now, you might argue why his tutorial should be featured like this and blah blah blah. Right, I have everything I need to counter that.

First of all, this - (the Link to this is HERE)
is hand painted entirely..... and not to mention Decay has been modelling for a total of 20 years and he has been painting Warhammer figures back in the days so nuff'said, I guess.

Just in case, there are some people who don't know about this Awesome modeler,
here is the link to his blog - LINK

and here is some facts about him -

  • Decay has been modelling for over 20 years
  • He only started working on Gunpla for a mere two year
  • Decay was only scarcely active at figure FM once
  • He became an active member of MAC as soon as he register
  • He now hold the Meister status in MAC, which is a moderator level
  • He hails from Germany
  • And best of all, A very very very good friend of mine.
Decay is a very skilled modeler, doing a range of modeling including painting figures, clean works, diorama, weathered and the ever impressive modifying works.

And here is a re-cap of some of his works I have featured -

For the mini figures he painted, you can check out his works in his blog.

Well, that's that for this post. Be sure to subscribe to his channel, like his video, u know, do your stuffs what you normally do on Youtube. 

Till next update, Stay Tuned for more.


  1. Hope you regain your Mojo old chap :)