Friday, 24 February 2012

Build Off With a great Sculpting Engine

Hello Dear readers ...... Welcome to another Blog post from the hummingbird. I am terribly sorry (again) for my delays in updating my WIPS and few posts on my blog. Life is hitting me hard and having some family issues that drained my metal energy which also sap my mojo and  physical energy.

Anyway, today I would like to blog about what I have been doing, Gunpla-wise. As you can see from my title, I am having a build off with a great,great, great sculpting and SBing modeler.

That such modeler goes by the name of TheHelmosEngine. His works can be seen on this blog, which he named Hanger03 . Here are some example of this finished work  (LINKS ARE IN THE PICTURES PLS CLICKED ON THEM ) -

He is the modeler that sculpted the entirely new kit using the MG Zeta, which is the very same kit that Kamm is working on. Don't worry, I will link you guys to Kamm's videos -

Part 1 of the Drehksturm - LINK
Part 2 of the Drehksturm - LINK
Part 3 of the Drehksturm - LINK

From Kamm's videos, you can see how Amazing this guys .... he is just awesome. Going against this guy won't be an easy task. The funny thing is, while I am admiring his sculpting skills, he finds my mechanisms and gimmick mods inspiring, so we both can benefit each other from this.

You might be wondering how the hell we decided to have a build off, well, it wasn't anything special as I was building a Legend and he is working on a Providence so we thought it would be cool and a very nice addition to the MAC forum to have our Build-Off in the Workshop and then Boom, we are having a build off.

Here is the link to our Build-off Thread on the MAC form - ''Official Build-Off Thread''  be sure to check in there as TheHelmosEngine builds at a very very fast speed. you can always check the works he does on his blog - Hanger03.

This is really exciting for me and I am up against one of the great modeler of MAC, a great sculptor and I am kinda worried he will beat me (hands down) in details and shapes and sculpting but rest assured, I am countering his every move with mechanism mods :P.

Wish me luck....

OH by the way, I am also having a Build-Off with a certain Monkey of Gunpla ... the reason he is called Monkey is that HE can copied up to 90% of the original work, you know, monkey see monkey do ?? hehehe.... but that's a story for another day.

I will be updating my Legend here on the blog as usual so don't forgot to tune in.
Thank you All for reading and really appreciate the support. You guys are the best.
Till next update, be sure to Stay Tuned.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Gary! I think you overestimate my abilities but I appreciate it wholeheartedly! Your functional mods do inspire me mate and I'm bringing my A game. I know I'll need it.

  2. Nice :) Looking forward to seeing the results!