Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Reference BOOK for Gunpla Modelling in English??

A reference book that is dedicated for Gunpla Modelling ... IN ENGLISH ???

Is that what most of us have been dreaming about all these years?

You all know I build AFVs as well ... look at the photo below. That's like only 20 percent of my personal library. So many references and resources out there for me to read up for my AFVs.

But When it comes to gundam modelling, nothing .... I have nothing because there is nothing. 

I remember when I start making gundams; I was very lost, true I can find ''some'' resources on the various forums and blogs but , like i said, '' Various'', spread all over the world and on the web that there is no DEFINITE references for me.

True there are loads of books about gundam modelling but they are all in Japanese. Do we all read Japanese? I don't think so. 

I love this hobby and I wish more and more people would take up this hobby and I wish youngsters today could spend more time building models then doing bad things. Fortunately, there have been a steady increase in young modellers and they are all out of reference due to the lack of resources. That could very well be a negative effect ( imagine people with bad internect connections or not old enough to have access to the internet and so on so forth ) to stop the next generations to model. I mean, even with all of today resources, I still prefer books for my ''references '' to build my AFVs. Now, this project, spearheaded by a friend and one of the head huncho of Plamocon of the US is a welcomed addition to our arsenal (including mine ).

A dear comrade and friend of mine, gdx9902 of PlamoCon and his associates are spearheading this project. In fact, let me show you guys his exact words - 

'' We're doing some crowdfunding to help cover the costs of a mecha modeling book we're writing that's in English. The idea is to make the first ever book about gunpla that is similar in quality to those from Japan. I'm doing a build up of a 1/144 Gundam and three other dudes are also doing step by step buildups. 

I often wish for there to be a book in English, and now I'm trying to do something about it, so please support us if you feel the same! '' 

Here is the link to the funding site - 

So, Please guys, lets help out our friends achieve a goal that is beneficial for all of us ... I don't know about you guys but I love this hobby and I enjoy promoting the hobby so for the sake of the noobs ( we were noobs once when we started, don't forget ) and for the sake of the future generations of modeller, please donate as much as you can so that my friend and his associates will received as much funding as they can and they can start this great undertaking.  

Lets keep up the love for the hobby!!!! 

Thanks to everybody support, the Project had a splendid start and now in full motion to be publish, realeased and will soon be on the market. My friend gdx9902 and his associates will launch a formal thank you video and yours truely will blog about it when and after they have made the said video.
Thank you so much for the suppot!!


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