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Everything I know about modding/SBing - Part 3

Part 3 of my '' Every Thing I know about Modding/SBing ' guys ... You can get to Part 2 from this link and Part 1 from Here .

DISCLAIMER - I am in no way a master in SBing or modding, there are so many others out there who can literally rape with me the amount of beautiful words they do. I believe in sharing and I want to bring out the best in everybody and help everybody in anyway I can. MAny Thanks!!!

5.0 Optional parts and accessories

So, optional parts and accessories. Obviously when we say about optional parts and accessories, one major product come into mind '' Koto Part ''. True you can always use koto parts as a reliable source but there are a number of stuffs that you can actually use from various cheap materials like straws or used up ball pens or lighters or even computer mother boards.

People actually spend money on buying koto vents when they can SB those little things themselves. I SB my own vents on my very first modding project ( WIP here ) so I'm pretty sure anybody can SB their own little vents and can save money on both the products and postage buying the koto vents. I would love to link you to other masters' works where they SB their own little vents but my bookmarks are a shamble right now and its very very hard to find out which book mark is which so I do apologize  But my wip can be used as a basic mean of SBing your own vents

Pistons; static or moving piston, pistons (also called hydraulic cylinder) can be easily put on if can get your hands on a pair of telescopic tubes. You can use Tube/Tube or Tube/Rod combination, either way is fine as long as your smaller diameter rod or tubes goes nice and tightly into the main body of the piston. Evergreen has a wide range of telescopic tubes in the category so I would recommend buying it from them. I say away from moving piston as it is so much work so please forgive me if I don't link any wip for that but for static piston-; you can have a look at these two pictures - and

Thrusters; We can always buy the Koto parts and now bandai making their own stuffs but the more adventurous modellers use the little conical parts on the front end (don't know how they are called) from used-up ball pen (either plastics or metal). I have seen people putting on the metal ones and they actually looks very awesome.

Wirings, cables, piping - DO NO throw away your broken Earphone because they will become very very useful when and if you ever want to put on pipes or cables on your models.You can also use flexible plastic ( styrene ) rods as well but if you are putting the cables/pipes on moving parts, I would recommend using the broken ear phones as they are very flexible ( sometimes too flexible so be extra careful ).

Spikes - I have seen some people use 'TEE' ( golf equipment) and they work quite well although I have no idea how economical they can be. I tend to use various diameter sizes of Wood Skewers. I cut just the spike off, attach it to my power tool and sand it down at an angle relative to the spike to a 400 grit sand paper at medium speed and I got a very nice looking spike.

I think that's about it when it comes to optional parts. Bear in mind those are the ones that you can scratch build. Some of those stuffs like the round mold or square mold are VERY hard or impossible to SB so I can only recommend buying them from the Koto part.
If I miss anything at all, do tell me and I will add it up but right now, That's all I can think about on top of my head. ( Actually, I am not really happy cos I know I could add more to the list. If you guys can think of anything that I am missing please tell me )

Thank you all for your support and reading my humble blog. Stay Tuned.
Coming up next - 6.0 Funtional mods and gammicks


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