Saturday, 29 December 2012

WIP 1/35 Tamiya King Tiger - Part 1

Hello Ladies and Gents. Welcome to a brand new WIP from the hummingbird. Usually I would be modding away on some retro gunpla kit or improving an NG or MG but I have been pretty much inspired to focus on AFVs after reading modelling magazines regularly so Here I am, builing a mighty tank I have been dying to build.

Full Details of the king tiger ( to those who don't know what it is ) -

Here's the Box art -

and here are the Sprues -

This is one seriously simplified kit ... but still, its a lovely kit and tamiya made this thing quite beautifully -

Anyway here's what I have done -
Did the road wheels ... Tamiya is just awesome .. all the road wheels fit just beautifully

Spocket and Ideller wheels

The details are pretty awesome

Exhuast are glued on and sanded ( although they will be covered, I just can't help getting rid of the seams )


The wheels fit very very nicely on the suspension

And I also made the Wheels movable by utilizing Tamiya's own superb engineering .. I plan to make a video showing you the moving wheels so be on the look out for that .....

Although this kit is really good, when I put on the rear plate on to the chassis, there was this huge huge gaps all along the joint so I had to filled it and sand it down

Also ran into some gaps on the front Glacis plate so I had to fill them and sand them down ( I just realize there are still gaps ... darn it ... oh well, more fillers and sanding

The Exhaust goes on nicely onto the rear hull

And then, I moved on to the Barrel - Here is how I deal with barrel -

I put bits and bobs of my stryene rods lying around inside the barrel as support and to make them heavy and to have a proper rigid feel to them

With those in place, I glued the other half and I can even do this without breaking the barrel -

and followed with some usual filling and sanding . .. ( darn things always leave a seam in the middle )

And there you have it...

I am truly enjoying this build as I haven't touched any tanks for quite some times.

Please look forward to my updates and thank you for your support as usual.


  1. very nice start to the kit Gary, considering the Tamiya kit has been around for over 20 years now it still builds very well, I'd recommend splashing out for a set of individual link tracks for it and the photoetch screens for the engine deck... Tamiya make a good set of linked tracks for this kit which fit perfectly, while the rubber band tracks they provide with the kit are well molded they simply don't sag the way the real things do. ^_^