Monday, 28 January 2013

WIP 1/35 Tamiya King Tiger - Part 4

Alright... Time for an update ...

I mentioned in the earlier update that I only finish the first part of the camo scheme... so I followed through with it ..

After the dark yello dots, I applied the red-brown dots followed by the olive green

My mix of olive green is a little bit too dark and don't show too much on the Red-brown camo patches .. Im thinking I should put on a lighter tone,... MAYBE.. I don't know

I wanted to have this display with the hatches open and did a little research for it and found out some are with the red-oxide paint layer on the interior of the tank and since I didn't know how exactly is the red-oxide is mixed, I just used the closet colour to it, which is Tamiya Hull Red -

I might need to do a bit of re-touch around the hinges..... AND i just see the little boo-boo around the edge of the commander hatch ... oh well, i will just chip it on the weathering stage.. LOL

And I painted the two crew members that I want to show ...

This is my 2nd time painting crew figures and my 1st time painting it with full attention to details including hairs and eyes ... and I suck at it .. :(

Anyway, Following is the all around of the loader -

There may be a small amount of in-accuracy in the exact colours or placement of the colours. I had to work with what ever I had in my paint box and didn't want to waste more money on exact paint.. TBH, Im not exactly a rivet counter and as long my work come out nice and clean, I am happy.. I don't want to kill myself with 100% accuracy ..

anyway - followed up the commander figure

And some shot of the might cat being manned

A Number of option for turret number was avaiable so I choose for '' 008 '' as I had a tiger I ''007'' in the making and my friend suggest a 007 and 008, tiger 1 and 2 respectively ....

 Because i choose 008, I have to Scratch built a '' Sternantennae'' and it is in the making right now and will be shown on the next update ...

Well, that's it for now folks... I will keep you updated


  1. it's coming along nicely :) usually the inside of the hatches were painted in the exterior yellow colour of the tank red oxide was unusual only the lower part of the interior of the hull was painted in red oxide, the upper section and the interior of the turret was painted in a colour called "Elfenbein" a sort of ivory white colour.