Wednesday, 2 January 2013

DML 1/35 Panther Ausf G Command version

The kit was 10 years old, with the release date traced back to 2003.

This was a Hand me down kit from one of my two masters as he wanted to see me improve and gave this to me as a gift as well as a practice kit.

The tracks were painted first in gun metal, and then black and a brown wash after that followed by various patchs of rust tones ( dark, mid and light ).

The colour I used were a mix of ( all Tamiyas ) dark yellow + tan for the base, blue and yellow to get my own shade of olive green , red,brown, dark red and hull red get the red-brown shade I like...
And after my base coat, follows a massive bombardment of gloss, flat, filters and washes. This was my 2nd time to use filters and I am loving it .. I bought a mig filter ''tan'' for tri-tonal camo and I have to say I am loving this

Also, this is my very first time I started adding various amounts of streakings. 2 different way of streaking methos was used to create these streaks. A normal streaking method of using the enemals and white spirit and a rather unusual method on brushing on pigment, mixed with thinner and lettting it down and while dried; brushed of the dried pigment ASAP.

The exhausts has been rusted to a high degree useing an assortment of stuffs I learned from books, magazine and forums. To be specific, I airbrush on various tones of rust and I use a sponge and dab some rust colour acrylics over that and over that sponged acrylic, I dabbed some rust tones Oil paints to get a kind of three dimensional texture.

The only thing I was utterly disappointed with are the wheels. For some reason, the assembly of th wheels was hell and the wheels did not come out nice and alligned and I didn't noticed it soon enough; not to mention since it was hand me down, my master already put on the very first inner wheels (but those wheels were perfectly aligned and straight). Becasue of that, the track came out utterly utterly disgusting. But I won't complain much as this was a fun build for me ( Apart from the wheels and tracks )
I'm not sure If I did good or not but I showed my master and he love it so that's good enough for me. I loved how it looks myself. I had a chance to put down all the methods I learn on this kitty and it was well worth it.

But enough chit-chat .... Its time for the photos -
For the smaller pictures, just click on them and the original Size will just Pop up ... 

Much like my C1 Ariete, I broke this guy down into sub albums so I can cover everything I done just as you guys can look into each section seperately -

Here comes the top views -

 Various chippings I put on -

The rusted exhausts -

The mud I put on all over the chassis

Under the chassis -

Close up shot of the on-board tools

And last, but not least, the spare tracks in their rusted states -

And some shots that I played around with the camera -

And That covers all I have done.
I know I am not a pro and I still have much to learn but I really love how this looks and really enjoy knowing how much I can apply what I have learned these past few months. I'm really happy to add this in my list of finished kit.

Thank you, my master; Mr. Glenn Buford, for the generous gift so that I can improve.


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