Thursday, 18 July 2013

Amusing Hobby 1/35 Lowe WIP - Part 4

Alright Gentleman.. time for an update. I do apologize for the delay between the updates as I was applying for masters and had to spend a lot of time discussing things with my parents. Dramas after dramas, oy vey... you know, Asian parents ....
Anyway, lets carry on with the wip -

The voyager instructions call for 2 different option, one where the tools are attached directly on the hull and the other where there is some kind of layout (I don't know what its called. Its also seen on the panthers as well). I chose to go with the latter options as I don't really enjoy seeing the tools just stuck on the hull.

This is the right side -

and this is the left -

Followed by the gun-cleaning-rods and the tow cable -
Right side - 

I chose to omit the two cable on the left side -

The Jack block and its clamps

Following all these, I made the fenders. The kit supplied fenders are rather plain and lacking in details and I wasn't particularly motivated to use them so I decided to use the voyager fenders. It wasn't easy making them and many a time, curses flew around the air then I would like to admit but I managed to pull through.
This is the Rear fenders -

Sorry about the flash. Couldn't find a way to take better picture.
This is the front fenders-

I also bought a few extra items to add to improve the visual interest. First of all was this item -

I haven't build these yet but they are plastic and the casting quality seems to be top-notch.
I also bought a box of tamiya figure-

which I will try to place them like so -

Still deciding on the final places for the crew to stand on though.
managed to invest some time in painting and finished painting all over the entire vehicle. I been mixing my own shade of olive green, redbrown and dark yellow that this time, I decided to use straight from Tamiya instead of mixing my own shade. I have finished the panther and tigers I and II in dark yellow base and to be different, I used olive green as base this time.

Some close ups on the tools and the Jack Block -

I can't decide if I should paint the hatchet, wire-cutter and shovel in metallic colours with chipping or keep them like this now.Anyway, that would be a decision for another day.
Well, that's it for this update folks. Hope I don't bore you out with too many words.
See you all next update.


  1. Nice camo and chipping. I also like your crew choice. They look very natural there. Is that a thumbprint on the shovel?

  2. That's actually a piece of my skin ... happend while I was applying SuperGlue on the PE