Sunday, 28 July 2013

Update from Monoeye Publishing

Hello Gentlemen and Ladies ( if any )

I was just contacted by GDX regarding about the Mecha Modelling Guide book and its progress. He and Monoeye Publishing would like to ensure you all that they are indeed working hard and the book will be out after all the chapters have been edited, spell-checked,error-checked and etc.

He even kindly gave me a sample chapter to look at and I have to admit, its looking pretty nice. I debated myself if I should just give you all the link to download it or to show you here but I chose to do the latter. Saves you the trouble of downloading but in anycase you all want to download for a closer look at the sample chapter - here you go .

GDX also ask that if anyone spots any errors in the sample, or has any constructive suggestions for improving the book please let us know at! If you guys do see something, please let them know; bear in mind that this is their very first time publishing so there ARE some kinks they need to work out.

GDX assured me that the book will definitely come out in a month or two as the editing is progressin in full speed and would like to apologize for the dely in the process and would like to say thank you for everyone's support and patience.

I have uploaded the pages from the sample chapter so just click on them, bring up the bigger image and you can see for yourself that good work they are doing.

Do drop by on their FB page for any quires enquiries or support you may have.


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