Monday, 1 July 2013

CyberHobby 1/35 M26 Pershings In Korea

Hello Guys. Welcome to yet another finished product from me. This time I would like to show my first ever diorama. Nothing too big, just a small base for the tank to sit on. I figured I gotta start from somewhere when it comes to diorama so yeah...

The kit I finished this time is from CyberHobby, a branched brand from the famous ( or rather, infamous) Dragon Model Limited. A 1/35 M26 Pershings that I got 25% off. Having no interest in WW2 US vehicle, I never build any US vehicles so I decided to give it a try.

One thing about this Orange-box kit, IT IS HORRIBLE. The fitting are just awful, the instructions left me frustrated, the suspension attachment were weak and many problems. As usual, I don't care that much about accuracy as I am not a rivet counter.

I used Vallejo Olive Darb but the colour was too stark and I had a change of heart so I bought the fantastic life colour contrast & saturation set for US vehicles and, dear god, that was probably the smoothest paint I ever painted. I mean, I painted it straight out of the bottle WITH a cheap £30 airbrush and it came out beautiful. Probably my best airbrush work to date.

I used various brands; Tamiya, Vallejo, Revell for the other stuffs like the machine guns, tires and so on so forth.

Decal wise - I chose to do the 1st Platoon, Company B of the 1st Tank Battalion of the Marine  Corps. The instruction says it was the time when it was operating in the Han River area. I tried to do some research but I failed to find out if that is true or not. That being said, I decided to put in heavy snow on the vehicles.

For snow, the same product I used for the Type 90 was used. It is a bit grainy and the grains are big but I love how it looks. I'm happy with the snow. Special tanks to my friend Derick for helping with the snow.

The base is nothing special; I bought a photo frame from a second hand shop and I used modelling clay to fill it in, apply glue over it, sprinkle a massive load of the snow product. I a VERY VERY green when it comes to dios and bases but for the very first one, I am happy to get even this level.

Apart from the bad kit quality and a few uncertainty about my own skills with the finishing, I love every bit of this gal, especially the painting.
But enough chit-chat .... Its time for the photos -

This is probably my only post with a small amount of photos. Since this is on a base, I cannot shoot so much and don't really want to as well.

 It won't really feel like a finished kit from me if I do not put this up -
:P :P :P

 And That covers all I have done.
I know I am not a pro and I still have much to learn but I really love how this looks ( successfully managed to put on a more than average base) and really enjoy knowing how much I can apply what I have learned these past few months. I'm really happy to add this in my list of finished kit.
And as always, I could not finish this without the support of my great friends and peers and comrades. Your supports are much appreciated.

Thanks for looking. C&C and feedbacks are welcomed.

P.S - I still don't like WW2 US Vehicles. This took me like 4 months total to finish just because I don't like the vehicle.


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